The heart of the trap queen

It started on the 11th day of November, at 11:11 P.M. The ocean was dark and mysterious, with almost no light, except for that of the night sky. Only one cognizant creature stared through his telescope at the night sky. This creature, this sperm whale, was named Albert. Albert the Sperm Whale. No one would ever listen to Albert, because of one mistake he made over twenty years ago. He claimed the moon would crash into the Earth. "Oh why must life be so cruel to me?" Albert asked himself aloud. He, devastated by the fact he was wrong, tried to figure out where he went wrong. He saw his calculations were off by about twenty years. He knew the moon was closing in. He needed help.

He decided to call on the help of his trap queen friend, Bonquiqui. Bonquiqui was rather tall, blonde, and she resembled Holly Holm. Bonquiqui and Albert met in the ocean, where Bonquiqui frequently went on diving trips. "What do you want, Albert?" Bonquiqui questioned.

"I must tell you about the imminent impact of the moon," Albert began "I predict the moon will crash tomorrow, and I need your help."

"Whatever, Albert, I need to go," Bonquiqui said, and she left.

Albert decided to do research into what he needed to stop the moon. He chose the idea of a ray gun to reverse the moon's path, but he needed one thing to power the gun. He needed a heart of a trap queen. The trap queen's heart is so awesome, it can completely reverse anything in its tracks. He needed Bonquiqui back.

The next day, he called on Bonquiqui once more to come to the ocean, and she agreed.

"What do you want THIS time Albert?" Bonquiqui asked.

"I just want to show you something cool," Albert started, "I have a bathroom in my cave, that you do not even need your diving suit on to use!"

"NO WAY! I'm going to go try it!" Bonquiqui exclaimed.

She went into the bathroom, and almost instantly started drowning. Albert swept the oxygen tanks away with his tail. Bonquiqui's body laid stationary upon the ocean floor. Albert came with a knife, and he began his operation. He took the heart and placed it in his ray gun. That is when he saw the moon.

Quickly, he switched the gun on, and he pulled the trigger to reverse the moon. The ray blast shot through the sky and hit the moon. Albert could feel the weight of the moon on the gun. The moon was pushed out into the atmosphere, back into place. Everyone cheered Albert on and reaccepted him into the astronomical society.

Moral: Killing one person can save the world. OR The heart of a trap queen is amazing.