Literary Artist Dream is an American born writer, having first officially established himself in, 2006 when he first came to prominence as a literary artist. He has lead a very diverse writing career over the years as a writer of short stories, novels, poetry, play and screenwriting. He is known for being hyper creative and is always attempting new endeavors. One of his most hallmark contributions to the literary world is his development of something he has coined ''The Literary Video'', a fresh and unique combination of what some might consider to be a hybrid of poetry and playwriting.

Recent Literary Works (short chronology)

Poetry Albums:

Mega Star Pen -2014

The Literary Kool


''Tales of Wonder'' -2015

''Center Wing'' -2015

Dragon Fist: The Complete First Chronicle -2016

''The Faith Principle'' -2014

''Absolute Christ'' -2014

Book Series:

Hyperion Wing-2015 (Ongoing)

Petty Games-2015 (Ongoing)

Stardust Memoirs- 2014 (Ongoing)