Aaron wasn't who anyone would call a ladies man. Or really a man of any kind as to be a man, one had to be manly. Something that Aaron was not. But ladies man or not, he did have a lady. Well, he didn't actually have her, because a person can't own another person, and they weren't dating, but Aaron was determined to remedy that.

The lady in question was a girl by the name Emily. Someone Aaron hadn't had a real conversation with since sixth grade when they'd had to do a project together on the Oregon Trail.

But even before sixth grade, Aaron had been enamored by Emily. She wasn't particularly pretty or popular, to be perfectly honest she didn't really have very many friends at all. But Aaron had watched her over the years and had slowly been even more drawn to her.

But Aaron had another issue with getting a date, other than his questionable manhood. And that was his awkwardness. Aaron was kind of shy and around new people he was even more awkward. So yeah, Aaron knew his chances with Emily were quite slim.

But one thing that could not be said of Aaron was that he never tried. Aaron always tried, from that one attempt to make the basketball team, to the time he and his favorite cousin, Anne, tried to train her dachshund, Frankie.

So when Aaron was talking a walk and he just happened to see Emily at the park, he decided to take the chance.

Aaron steeled himself and walked over to the park bench where she was sitting. "Hey," he said, standing awkwardly.

"Hey," she replied and scooted over. Aaron sat down beside her and she went back to reading her book. Oh no, she thought that he only wanted to sit down. Aaron cleared his throat and Emily looked up. "Is there something you want?"

Aaron paused, what was he supposed to say? "Um, well. I like you. W-would you like to go on a date? Um, with me?"

Emily narrowed her eyes, "What, like right now? Because I'm watching my little sister." She motioned with her book to the playground, at a little girl on the swings.

"Anytime, really. Whenever you want. If you want..." Aaron inwardly cringed. This was going so badly.

Emily didn't answer. After a while she asked. "Did someone put you up to this?"

Aaron's eyes widened. "What? No! I would never!" Emily sighed, did she want him to leave? He had to save this somehow! "So what's your sister's name?"

Emily looked up from her book again, she was looking at Aaron strangely, "Elliot."

"That's cool," Aaron said quickly. "I don't have any siblings, so I think it's cool how you're looking out for her. You know, she looks just like you."

Emily looked at him, a tiny smile playing on her lips. "Yeah, we both look like our mom."

"That's cool, I don't look like either one of my parents." Aaron wasn't sure if sure if Emily knew that he was adopted, and he really didn't want to bring it up.

"You're adopted, right?" Emily asked.

"Yeah," Aaron hoped that she wouldn't say anything weird.

"That's cool."

Aaron stood up, "Well, I gotta go. My mom wants me home to help her with dinner," he got up and started walking backwards without looking. The he felt himself trip over something behind him. He fell backwards. He heard Emily gasp and he landed hard on his butt, his legs thrown over the big, metal trash can he had tripped over.

Aaron's cheeks felt as bright as the sun and trash was scattered everywhere. Aaron didn't even think to pick up the trash. He just got up and ran and as he ran away he yelled, "I'm serious about that date though!"