Within the walls of a titanic and otherwise influential corporation, a popular young male coed had been invited to a business meeting about Noon via the higher ups within his company. The meeting is rather confidential.

Arriving late, he discovers that the meeting has already begun, the team captain standing before a large overscreen projector.

''Please take your seat Aaron.'' Addressed Alonzo, the team captain.

When seated, the proposal was shared with Aaron via his surrounding coeds.

''Be sure to look over everything carefully Aaron.''

''Well Aaron?'; asked Alonzo after Aaron had mulled over the paperwork for what must have seemed half an hour to his team members.

''Oh…sorry'', he remarked, looking up at last.

''We are waiting for your verdict Aaron.''

''Would I like to vote yes to the bulldozing of a nearby prominent Catholic Church? ''

''Yes sir. Even if it means that the city youth rehabilitation program be abolished.''

Aaron shrugged and chuckled.

''Why not. I'm Methodist''