Literary Artist Dream



And so the digital age remains a broad frontier…

Jack Regal typed out the last seven words of his Literature paper and immediately rendered the 17 inch monitor of his Dell Pentium 5 computer into sleep mode…

''Done. Finally…'' he sighed.

The 16 year old slumped back against his computer chair and let the fatigue of the evening escape from

his lungs.

The paper had been arduous, but at least it had proved an interesting topic. He had decided to cover the influence of digital technology on modern culture. In it he had explored in particular, the effects of social media on the modern psyche.

Jack thought he heard something. It was a tap at his window.

He opened it, taking a short peer outside into the cold air.

When he didn't see anything, or anyone he pulled his head back into the warmth of the room. Then something else caught his eye…

''What the…'' he murmured .

Chills shot through the very base of Jack's spine as he read it, a message that had been scribbled out across his window pane through the frost of the night air.

''When are you going to update your status ?''