Running. Running is all that is on my mind. I can barely breathe I can feel my lungs about to burst. I should probably scream for help, but I can barely get enough air in my lungs to keeps myself from passing out and to keep me running. I feel my legs seconds from giving up. They burn yet I keep running. I can't stop. I can hear the footsteps behind me; they are catching up. I can't let them catch me. I know I shouldn't look back, but as I hear hem start to gain on me I do. There are two guys running behind me catching up. I have no idea why they are after me, but they have weapons and masks on and I just know that if I let them catch me I will not be getting out of it unharmed. I turn around a corner, I see a dark alley right ahead and I slip into it while I am out of their view.

As I run down the alley I see dumpster and some boxes. Even though I am disgusted by the thought of hiding behind the dumpster, my fear outweighs it so I hide behind it until I know for certain they are gone. When I positioned as hidden as possible and as comfortable as I can be without touching too much of the grossness, I try to calm down my breathing and heart rate as much as I can.

Just as I am doing this I hear the two guys chasing me stop in front of the alley. "Where could she have gone? She wasn't out of our sights for more than a few seconds, it's not like she could have gotten very far from her." one of them says. The other responds, "I have no idea where she went, but yeah she couldn't have gotten very far. You go look up ahead down the street. I'll look down this alley here chances are one of us will find her."

It gets quite for a moment and I strain to hear what is going on and as I do my heart starts to pound again just as it was starting to slow. I can hear it in my head as I begin to hear the click of boots upon the ground. I hear the man who is hunting me walking closer and closer to where I am hiding. "Come out, come out, where ever you are. I am going to find you one way or another," he shouts and it echoes off of the walls and reverberates in my head. I can't help but start to shake in fear for what this can mean for my life. I try to remain as still as possible, but at the same time, I am trying to be as still and as quiet as possible. The man's voice sounds familiar to me, even though it is muffled through his mask. It scares me that his voice sounds familiar, because that means that someone I know wants me dead and is super close to succeeding.

"Come on out Larissa." I freeze. He knows my name. He either knows it because I am his target and he has info on me or he knows me. "Come on save us both the time it will take me to pry you out of the shadows you are hiding. We both know how this is going to end. It's going to end with me finding you and taking you in." At this I'm confused. He's basically telling me that I am not going to die yet.

As I am thinking about the possibility of living longer, I hear him get even closer to where I am. I almost let out a whimper, but I hold it in. he continues walking past me and almost completely overlooks me when I feel a tickle in my nose. I freeze and try my hardest to suppress it from coming over me, but it just won't go away.

I sneeze. Not just once, but five times, just about guaranteeing that he was going to find me. Three seconds later I see his masked face pop into view and this is when I know unless someone intervenes that I am going to get caught. Not because he found me, but because I can't outrun him forever. I may have just outrun them, but barely and I am tired so very tired. Even though this is true, the next round of adrenaline kicks in and I start running away from him and as I do so I scream for help. I look back to see him coming after me, but this time, because I wasn't looking where I was going I trip over a box that was in my path. I stumble and try to get back up as quickly as possible. Just as I am about to get up he grabs my ankle. I scream even harder and struggle, trying to get away, to get my ankle out of this madman's grasp. He has a steady grip on my ankle and begins to pull me to himself. The whole time I and reaching and trying to grab onto something to hold onto so I find some leverage

Just as he is about to fully pull me to him, I hear a growl.