It's funny how things work out. One second I am practically being reamed a new one by my sister, and the next Emilia finds what turns out to be only one of her mates. I just got on the phone to calm my sister down and tell her about what was going on. What happened instead was her spending a good chunk of the conversation telling me about myself.

"How dare you not call me last night! You knew I was sitting at home waiting to hear about what happened!" Marie yelled at me.

"Hey, a lot was going on, and I felt that Ambrose, who is my beta and your mate I might add, was completely capable of telling you. I trusted him to tell you what was necessary," I tried.

"I know that you trust Ambrose and that he will tell me everything, but all I got were a few texts," Marie complained. I know that Marie often whines and gets what she wants out of Ambrose, but the only person whining works on is Ambrose. My sister excels at bringing one on a guilt trip, and I knew if I didn't calm her down quickly, she definitely was going to try to do that next.

"It isn't my fault that your mate didn't call you, you know that. The only reason he didn't call you was because he wanted me to deal with it," I said.

"Yeah, that is true, and I love Ambrose, but sometimes that man just doesn't think, Urgh," she paused. "The only problem I really had besides that I didn't get a call is that this was just supposed to be a simple fact-finding mission. You guys weren't supposed to be dealing with Hunters this time around."

"Marie," I warned. She knows that we couldn't have predicted what was going to happen.

"I know that you guys couldn't have known that you would be dealing with hunters. It is just that you guys just found an amazing girl, and I really like Lou. She is awesome. It really worried me when I heard that a whole army of hunters showed up to get her," Marie explained.

"She is pretty awesome. So awesome that she pretty much dealt with the whole thing by herself," I responded.

"Yeah, I knew she was special the moment you guys brought her home," Marie sighed, "Oh, and I won't yell at you anymore, Zar. I will reserve all my anger and yelling for my wonderful mate and his inability to deal with conflict when it pertains to me."

Once I felt that I had assured Marie that everything was okay and that Lou was okay and that we would be home as soon as possible, I hung up. I knew now that I wouldn't be getting any excessive string of messages for the rest of the day. Instead of me, Ambrose would have to deal with it as he should have from the get. Then when I saw Liam heading my way, I figured that Gerry had sent him with a message or to tell us that Lou was up. I was hoping for the latter.

"Hey Balthazar, it looks like I was right about the sizes," He said with a smirk.

"Yeah, you were. At least one of my mates was able to appreciate your choices," I responded, smiling back at him.

"Good to hear. I was coming to see if you and your friends were finished," Liam said.

"Everyone was finishing up before I came out here for this phone call if you would like I can introduce them to you," I said, guiding him into the room.

As we were walking into the room, I felt something shift in the tension. All it took was one look at Emilia, and I knew. We quickly figured out, after, that there was going to be more than one triad in our pack.

I think we might have to look more into this whole triad mates thing, cause I get the feeling this isn't just all coincidence and circumstance.

So when Gerry came in rambling about random things, my mind started to wonder if there was more to everything than we knew.

I wanted to get Lou back to her apartment by early tonight because I knew she had classes bright and early the next morning. Even though magic had just made itself known in her life, I didn't want it to ruin everything she had already worked so hard for.

Plus, I knew later down the road we wouldn't hear the end of it if she failed a class cause I allowed any sort of para business to cause her to miss too much of school.

My ears perked up only when I hear Gerry talking about Lou waking up.

So, here I am, walking around with the high priestess and her consort, the high priest. Oh, and with Jessie obviously right behind me.

As we are walking, Gerry feels the need to enlighten us on the history of every single painting and tapestry. She's acting as if we weren't in a bit of a rush to make sure that our mate was okay. I know that everyone assured us that she was just recovering magically. Still, I know for a fact that our wolves would settle down a little when we all saw that for ourselves.

At some point, it would be helpful for someone, anyone to give us a tour or map of this place, but right now, I just wanted to see my mate. From the way that Jessie was sticking close to me, I could tell that he felt the same.

Just when I was about to push Gerry out the way and hurry this whole thing up, I noticed that we were in front of the room. I rushed forward to open the door and saw that Lou was still there adorably sleeping snuggled close to the pillows. She let out an adorable little yawn, and then we got to watch as she gradually woke up.

I watched as her eyes slowly began to focus on us standing there watching her. She seemed to notice only Jessie and me, and her eyes zeroed in on us. She looked at us, confused for a moment, and then happy and content. I know she'll probably call bs if she ever found out that I think this, but Lou is even gorgeous when she first wakes up. I knew at that moment that it didn't matter what it would cost me. I would do anything to put and keep that look on her face.

And even though it shouldn't shock me at all, it kind of scared me a little to realize how strongly my instincts and feelings were about this girl who I sadly barely knew, especially after almost losing her twice these past couple of days.

"Good Morning, or should I say afternoon!" Gerry chirps from behind me.

For a second, Lou looks startled as she realizes that it is not just the three of us in the room.


I was fuzzy upon waking up. I didn't really have much clue as to where I was, but I was happy to see Balthazar and Jessie. They were sitting there at the edge of the bed, looking at me like they had thought they would never see me again.

The last thing I remember happening was Gerry standing next to me and purple. I know, I know, purple isn't a real answer, but purple really what I remember. Now I feel like whatever happened exhausted me.

I will say that Balthazar and Jessie looked really yummy there in front of me.

"Thanks, sweetie, and I often think he looks yummy too."

Oh no, I said all that out loud.

"Yes, yes, you did, hun," Balthazar says with that deep voice of his.

"Ugh, I really can't believe this is happening," I groan. I try to hide under the covers and hope that maybe that everything will just reset, and when I lift the comforter that the room will be empty.

"Oh, sweetie, if you think hiding under there will make this all disappear, your wrong. You're not putting enough magical power behind it." Just what I needed; Jerry's sarcasm.

Hearing this, I peek out from underneath the comforter and, once again, right in front of me are the two men who I was starting to l-trust. These men were people that I was beginning to trust, yeah trust. Because of this, I reach my hand out and touch Jessie's mark and watch as it glows. I turn to Balthazar and touch his, and it does the same. They both shiver as this happens, and I look down and going up my arm from the tips of my fingers, faintly was the missing piece of the puzzle.

We all gasped. "Your marks," said Gerry. Holding up my arm between theirs made this beautiful picture. Gerry turns to Melvin and gestures to him. "Melly, please be a dear and grab the tome of oracles. I have definitely seen this before," requests Gerry. Melvin leaves the room, and Gerry comes over to look closer at the marks.

All the marks are glowing purple, mine still very faint. The marks build together to make up a tree with something at the bottom. Because mine was a bit fuzzy, I couldn't really be sure as to what was at the base of the tree. The bark had swirls of images that couldn't be seen clearly. The symbols probably all mean something, but I have no clue as to what. Gerry goes to touch the picture, and there's a maroon spark that comes up before she can.

"Oops, I think that was a little magical interference, sorry."

"its okay Gerry, I would be surprised if there wasn't a whole bunch of magic going on right here," quips Jessie. We all can't help but chuckle. "I know this is pretty important and all, and that Melvin is getting the critical book of the orcas-" Jessie starts, only to be interrupted by Gerry.

"Tome of Oracles, not Book of orcas. Orcas are a type of whale, Oracles are those who can prophesize our futures. A true gift from the Goddess. Don't belittle that, my dear."

Leave it to Jessie to say something stupid right after something remarkable happens. Jessie restarts, "Sorry, the 'Tome of Oracles.' Sorry, I'm not a magic historian or marine biologist or something. Anywho, what I was trying to ask was, can we just take a picture of this and try to compare that to whatever is in the tome."

"We can try, but I am worried about how much my mark will show up on camera. I know that its faint to our eyes who knows that what would happen when a picture is taken," I say to Jessie.

Luckily Balthazar's phone is in his other pocket, and he can reach it with the hand not currently part of the tableau on display. Gerry takes the picture and considering it actually came out better than I thought it would. I do not doubt that I will have this image on a tapestry if Gerry has anything to do with it. I could see the plotting in her eyes.

"Can we move now," whines Jessie.

"Yes, Jesper, you can," Balthazar says slightly, annoyed.

Instead of moving away, both Balthazar and Jessie shock me by climbing on the bed and squeezing me between the two of them. I feel settled between the two of them, and when I look up to look at their faces, they do two. I can't help but chuckle at how cuddly my two mates are.

It feels weird to think about the fact that these two guys are my mates, a sweet kind of weird, though. I look at them, and they look at me funny. I look at both of them, "What?"

"We're wondering what your giggling at," Balthazar says, cuddling in closer to me. Jessie just nods in agreement. Laughing at the confusion and defensiveness on their faces, I say, "I just find cute that the two of you are so cuddly." Jessie just huffed and snuggled in closer. Balthazar, on the other hand, also snuggled closer, if that was possible, and grumbled, "We're wolves, pack animals, we need to socialize and interact with others. Cuddling with our mates shouldn't be a shock."

They both nuzzled the sides of my neck and left their faces there. They sit there, cuddling me and smelling me. It almost feels as if they are acquainting themselves with me. I felt grounded. I loved this. I had a feeling we would be doing this so much more. I really want to make sure that we would start doing this as we began to really build this relationship. Or would it be relationships? I would have to look this up. I know that there must be a sufficient amount of stuff about being in a throuple online.

I start to really relax into this cuddling session when I remember that Gerry is still there. I look up to see Gerry looking at us, smiling. Just when I am about to say something, Melvin rush in with a giant ancient-looking book.

Both my mates startle and growl a little, not moving their heads yet. They both snuggle closer and breath me in deeper. Balthazar kisses my neck softly before sitting up a little bit. Jessie nips at my neck, causing heat to flash through me and me to moan embarrassingly in front of everyone.

I know for a fact, I must be blushing. My cheeks are super hot, and Jessie is smirking at me mischievously. I don't often blush, so when I do, it's pretty embarrassing, and at this moment, it is. That had never had that happen to me before. Hunter and anyone before that had never done something like that to me. Deep down, I hope we can do that again in private, but for now, it's pretty bad.

I can't quite meet Gerry or Melvin's eyes. I can tell Gerry is trying very hard to not giggle at us. I clear my throat and try to pull away a bit from Balthazar and Jessie, so they aren't so close. Tried is the operative word because they both pull me back into my spot.

Melly chuckles a little and bring the tome over and sets it on the coffee table in the sitting area of the room. Seeing that they were setting up to show us over there, I rush off the bed expecting Jessie and Balthazar to follow. I sit down on the love seat, and they both squish in on either side of me.

Melly is sitting in one of the armchairs, and Gerry is perched on the arm. Melly turns the book to face my mates and me. He opens the book to the bookmarked page, and there it is. It's the same image that our mate marks create.

Now we can actually see what it is supposed to be. I start to look closer, and I gasp. A girl is sitting under the tree with two wolves curled around her.

"Is that supposed to be us," I question. I reach out and touch the page, and I feel a spark; it shakes me. Images flash through my head. I see too much and so little all at the same time. I have no idea what is going on. It's overwhelming.

"Has this happened to her before?"

I hear Gerry's voice from far away. "Lou, dear? This is Gerry. You are going through what I would like to call a psychic episode. I need you to listen to me and concentrate on my voice."

I try to nod.

"Good I need you to find one image and concentrate on it," she says soothingly.

I find one image, a tree, and concentrate on it really hard. This starts to slow things down a little. As it all slows, it makes everything a little more manageable. I see what looks like me in a gauzy gown. It's cute, I guess. And there are what look like Balthazar and Jessie in wolf form cuddling me.

"Follow the vision where it takes you. It is meant to guide you, not the other way around."

I continue to let the vision flow over me, and I start to notice more details all around. I notice how this tree seems to be the only thing around. In the distance, I see a little town. There are just fields of green, and the tree sits on a small hill. I look up at the tree.

Hanging from the tree is jewel-like purple fruits that drop into my hands. I break the fruit open and, inside are five gems. I pull the seeds out and eat from the fruit. I give each of my mates a bit, and I see the juice of the fruit stain the fur around their muzzles. I am laughing at them in my vision. The skin turns purple and, then everything turns purple.

"The vision will pull you in different places, and you cannot fight it."

I drift into the next scene, and I see myself wearing a necklace with the five gems I got from the fruit and walking into what looks like a ball with Balthazar and Jessie on either side. I walk over and talk to Gerry, who introduces me to a bunch of people.

It flips to another scene where I watch a purple-eyed panther turn into a purple-eyed wolf. This vision starts to swirl, and all I see are purples, greys, and black. I try to stay in this one to see more, but I remember what Gerry said, let the vision guide me.

I start to surface from the vision, and luckily I am sitting down because the room spins for a second. Both of my mates hold me steady, and Gerry hands me a cup of something that tastes like some sort of tea. As I drink, I start to feel settled. I close my eyes and lean back into my mates.

"I don't know if I ever want that to happen again," I say as I try to inhale the beverage in front of me. It really soothes and makes me feel grounded.

"I am not too surprised. I remember my first time. I almost didn't make it back out of the vision," Gerry says, with a chuckle. "It does surely take a lot out of you, but not to worry, I know a little rest and some loving from your mates will do the trick." I can hear the wink in Gerry's voice as she says this.

"So, now that I have seen all of those things, what do I do?" I question. I am still trying to understand everything I just saw. I can't really understand what happened, but I keep trying to sort things out a little. I think about the picture that is still in front of me. I am a little wary at the thought of touching it again, but I feel like I know so much about this picture now.

"Well, we can talk about what you saw, or you can keep it to yourself, everything you saw is just to help guide your actions," Gerry explains. I can hear her as she walks closer to me and says, "One thing for certain is that we definitely need to unbind you so we can train you. That way, you can safely touch things without having to worry about whether or not you will slip into a vision like that again."

"Do you have any idea when the unbinding can be done?" Balthazar asks.

"Hmm, I can probably get everything and everyone we need together in about two weeks," she responds. I zone out for a moment as they start to talk about specifics and what they'll need and how many people will be needed to work the magic.

Finally, feeling like the room wasn't spinning anymore and like I was actually here, I finally can think about what happened. I think over the tree and the necklace, what could it all mean.

Even though they are all still talking, I interrupt. "What do you guys know about a tree with jeweled fruit?"

Everyone turns to look at me like I just said that I knew how to find the city of Atlantis or something.

"It was said to be the crown jewel of the city of Atlantis," Jerry said.

"Oh, crap," I breathed.

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