A/N Hey! So I've been wanting to write this story for a while but it has taken me a longish time to figure out how I actually wanted to do it. I had some basic ideas when I first started thinking about it. I decided to do some random research and now I have the story all planned out in my head. I am actually so excited to be writing this right now. I even have a lot more free time on my hands so I expect to update regularly! Thanks so much for taking the time to read this and I hope you enjoy.


A man was once walking along a trail in the woods. It was a familiar trail that he walked a million times over. That was when he heard a strange sound in a large tree near him, and looking up he was startled to see a big winged dark figure in the trees. It was an Alan.

He stopped and gazed for a moment at the horrible creatures, large as people, hanging from the limbs of the tree with their heads down like bats. They had wings to fly, and their toes were at the back of their feet, while their long fingers, which pointed backward, were fastened at the wrist.

Surely, thought the man, these terrible beings will kill me if they can catch me. I will run away as fast as I can while they are are still in slumber. He wanted to run, but as much as he did, he was too frightened for his feet to carry him anywhere. At one point, he was able to finally start moving, but after a few steps he fell face down on the ground.

At this the Alan began to wail loudly, a sound that was so horrible it made you want to curl into a ball and cry. They came down out of the tree and stood over the man.

After a while the man gathered courage and, jumping up, he cried as loudly as he could, "Go away!"

The Alan did not move, but they looked at him and said: "Give us the nagaba bead, and you may leave." The man was confused at first by their request. Why would these monsters want a simple bead? Then, he understood. They wanted the bead that has been passed down in his family from generation to generation. He knew, it wasn't just a family heirloom. When the man refused to do this, the Alan were angry, "Then we shall forcibly take it from you. We will never allow you to leave and we will burn your house so your family will be put into despair."

Thereupon the man clutched the bead that was sitting in his pocket and prayed. No one in his family knew why the bead was special, including him. They just knew they were.

When the man prayed to the holy one above, a Seraphim angel came from the heavens and banished the Alan with it's mighty power.

The man bent on his knees and thanked the angel. The angel then said, "the Alan will not be happy. As you have protected my nagaba bead for generations. In the face of death and despair you didn't waver. You kept the nagaba bead under your protection. It is now my turn to protect you. Since you have proved your determination, courage, and loyalty I shall give you, and all like you the ability to unlock their power. It is your duty, and those like you, to protect the beads with your life and your fellow humans from these demons." The man nodded with overwhelming gratitude and the angel rose up back to heaven.

The man ran home as fast as he could back to his family.