Electric Connection

There is a spark beneath your skin, electricity flows in your veins.

Can you feel it in the stillness of the day? A soft crackle and pop,

Static in the dry heat that flows in the silence of words left unsaid

And feelings yet to be discovered. Your eyes meet mine, so I stop

Running and start falling. I'm slowly drawn to you, like a magnet

Pulls in iron. Feeling so completely, unavoidably smitten by you,

That it both scares and excites me. I daydream of a sparking kiss

And warm embraces. To even taste that energy is all I want to do

But can I? Should I? Will I? Closer I'm drawn but will it backfire,

Combusting in flames? Together we could be terrible or amazing!

Electricity can stop hearts or save lives, you are so unpredictable.

Standing on the sharp edge of what could be, I remain appraising

And debating, oh the back and forth debating. The words unsaid,

They conflict with logic when you're near. How do I look ahead?