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Warning ! Shounen-ai, Boy's Love, Slashy in the future. Child abuse, Psychological !

For those uncomfortable, do turn back now. I have warned you.

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Yuu's POV

"Then, I'll come visit you again later."

"Yes, thank you very much for your concern." I bowed my head towards the one who calls herself my Mother, gazing over her nonchalant appearance when she furrowed her brows at me.

"Before I leave, I want to make sure.. Are you sure you want to cancel your latest appointment?" My 'mother' folded her arms, giving me a look of reproach and proceeded chide me.

"Do you know how hard your father work to just support your education? And you want to cancel the appointment just like that?" Mrs Takamura's heels clicked against the hard flooring as she came over, looming over my unmoving seated figure.

She instantaneously gripped both of my shoulders with a lot of force, exerting pressure onto the still existing bruise she had left me the hour before. I flinched involuntarily, but tried to hold back on my wince so as to appear steadier.

This time, this time, I must not yield. After all, this is my last...

"You incorrigible child! How dare you look at me like that!"

I closed my eyes and prepared myself for the impact to land on my cheeks. And sure enough, a few seconds later I could feel my cheeks stinging. Though it would leave another bruise on my body, I didn't mind. As long as I can rebel against her for just one more time.

Without any hesitation, I opened both my eyes to glare at her.

As expected, her hands recoiled immediately, eyes softening to look at me with eyes filled with love. Her hands touched my face-the part she had slapped- and started to caress the red spot lightly, humming a slight tune while her eyes focused on the one flawed part of my face.

"Ohhh, I'm so sorry I hit you. It's just that- You shouldn't look at me with that kind of eyes too much you know?" She lightly pinched my cheeks which were already injured, face coming closer to give me a peak on my left cheeks."So just be a darling and wait for your appointment, okay?"

The smile she showed me wasn't loving in the least. Her eyes promised pain and torture if I dared to reject her proposition, and I knew it best. If I go against her any more than this...

No, I prepared myself for this. I have to do this.

"No. I will not-" Before I could even finish my sentence, my face was once again abruptly slapped by her.

"TAKAMURA YUU HAVE YOU FORGOTTEN WHO IT WAS WHO HAD PICKED YOU UP WHEN-" the pain rushed down on my face in full throttle, ruthlessly beating against my already swollen and bruised cheeks.

I gulped in huge breaths of air when she finally stopped with her attacks, eyes filled with tears from the pain, huffing and puffing while I clutched onto the hospital blankets for comfort.

It's normal. It's normal.

I repeated in my head as I chanted how she still hasn't beaten me unconscious. Just a few more minutes, and I can finally escape from this hell.

Hah- I should be thankful 'Father' wasn't here today.


I clenched my fists and bit down on the insides of my cheeks to stop myself from lashing out at her. If I lashed out, it would be my lost. If I acted like I cared, she would be feeling glee.

But really, why am I even caring about what she's talking about when I'm already going to...


But the tears won't stop flowing.

The tears won't stop no matter how much I try to stop them.

Is this how people feel when they know they are near death?

When I looked up to how the mad woman was faring with her flushed face and unkempt appearance, I felt a part of me light up in elation.

Knowing I was about to escape soon, I slowly opened my mouth to deal her my final blow.

Somehow, as if she knew what I wanted to say, she her eyes dilated with fear. Lifting her arms hurriedly, I knew she what she wanted to do- Or what she didn't want me to do.

Softly, as I gaze at her with the pair of eyes she hates most, I gave her my last words.

"I hate you."

And then I lost conscious.


Lost in my own conscious, I thought about how I much had provoked my blood-related aunt and laughed out loudly.

Would the head news tomorrow be about how a 'Mother' had beaten her 'son' to death in a hospital ward? Or would it turn out to be something like 'The prodigious son of the Company's President, Mr Takamura, had passed away in an unfortunate incident'?

Either way, I've gotten my revenge against them. And in a few weeks, the media would soon reveal about their back dealings and illegal transportations of goods.

Hospitalized since the day I was born, Takamura Yuu, 19 years old this year, Male, has finally decided to become free from the family who had used and abused me since the day I was born.

Hah- Would those two have expected this kind of outcome to happen?

In truth, I could have just cut of the wire connecting my IV drip or something else, but I had wanted to see the face of my 'Mother' when she sees her 'precious' son dying.

Pfft-Precious indeed!

As expected, death is a wonderful thing itself. No matter how much I had feared for it to come previously. Nothing was worse than knowing I had to be in their 'care' for my whole life- I'd rather die.

Maybe I've played too much games for my thinking to become so...dark?

But what else could I have done?

I've tried my best to prove to those two that I could become a good child too. I had studied my hardest; with an IV drip strapped onto me, with a body too frail to even get out of my 'bed'.

But they had never acknowledged me.

Never did they acknowledge me as their nephew-much less son. It makes me wonder how much my Aunt was obsessed with the idea of torturing her blood sister through me.

I, the son of her hateful older sister, was in her hands, to listen to her every beck and call. How wonderful was that for her?

She never would have thought her sister's son would look so much like her older sister though.

Especially my eyes.

Although she always screams at how ugly my eyes are, I didn't care. My eyes are what my Mother had left me. They are the only connection I have left, to my real parents.



I woke up abruptly with a start, eyes darting around the hospital ward-

Wait. Hospital ward? Did my plan fail?

I felt sweat forming on my forehead as I thought back to how I had overdosed myself with the medicine left on my table, calculating how much it would have took to kill me. I even took extra from that excess for safety measures!

How am I still alive?

This is the worst! If I'm still alive, when will my chance of escape come again? My daily life would be even more closely monitored! How am I going to live my life now that I have absolutely no freedom?

And thrashing all my panic in a second is a small figure who had slammed open the hospital doors.

I stopped moving entirely, heart pounding so loudly, I thought I could feel my heart being squeezed out from my chest. Butterflies entered my stomach and by now, I'm sure my whole back was soaked with sweat.

Who is it?

I sat up slowly- somehow with more energy than I can usually muster, and stared at the little figure rushing towards me.

With frills and ribbons tucked onto her blonde hair, eyes as blue as the aquamarine I have seen in picture books, and dressed like those princesses I had seen in fairy tales, the little figure-a young girl dressed really fancily- came by my bedside, and proceeded to climb onto my bed.

That was when I notice how my legs didn't even reach the other half of the bed.

"Kaaaede!" The little girl pounced onto me immediately when she finished her climb, tiny arms wrapped around me as I tried to comprehend what exactly was happening.

"W-What?" Maybe it was just my imagination, but my voice seems to be a lot more squeaky and high-pitched.

"Kaede! You are awake!" Before I had any time to solve the mystery to my weird situation, another voice-a really pleasant sounding one- drowned out my thoughts. When I turned around to the still opened ward doors, I saw a beautiful lady clad in a professional business suit.

With every step her heels took, her light golden hair swayed along with the momentum. Accompanied by her own pair of beautiful blue eyes and natural plump lips, the lady herself created a very beautiful picture.

Stunned by the sudden appearances of strangers, I could only straighten my back and stare fixedly at my... Wait, did my hands get smaller too?

"Kaede! Mommy is so glad you're okay!" The woman took a huge step forward when she neared my bedside, and jumped onto the bed to give me a bear hug.

Involuntarily, I flinched from her contact.

Confusion taking over my thoughts, I could only try to relax myself in the two females' hold and try to sort out all of my thoughts.

Just what exactly was happening?

"Waaa- I'm so glad you are okay!" The little girl then started to cry stream of tears as she rubbed her tear-stained cheeks against mine. I felt really uncomfortable with the sudden contact with her. In my whole 19 years of living, the only people who had any direct contact with me were the staffs members from the hospital, and my 'parents'.

"Yes, yes. Mommy was so worried to!" The woman who looked so professional had professionally started to cry along with the little girl, both of them hugging each other, as if to comfort one another.

Together, they really made a weird sight.

But somehow, I felt really light-hearted while watching them interact.

"Your mother and older sister has been very worried about you." A man who looks about he's in his mid-thirties said, entering the room and closing the doors while he was at it. His wrinkled brows which projected his old age showed a slight upturn when I turn to his direction.

He gave me a warm smile as I thought back to his strange sentence. I'm pretty sure my mother doesn't look like that, and I'm really sure I was the eldest(only) child the last time I checked.

So just who is this 'Kaede' they are referring to?

"Daddy had been really worried too." The man said as he slowly approached me, arms widened like they were about to hug someone.


Although the trio looked as if they weren't acting out a drama or play, this might very well be a ploy from my 'Mother' for who knows what reason.

Immediately putting on my guard, I pushed the trio off me and waited for their attention before I asked the vital question.

"Who exactly are you people?"


End of chapter

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