Kaede POV

I stared at the trio unfeelingly, and seconds after my question, an uncomfortable silence filled the room. Thinking that I didn't make myself clear the last time I asked, I opened my mouth to repeat my question.

"Who are-"

"Kaedee! Oh no, did you hit your head somewhere?"

"Is this a case of amnesia?"

"Kaede-chan, are you okay?"

The trio started to attack me with questions from all sides, making me go dizzy at the sudden screaming in my ears.

"Now, now. Tsukino-sama, please let little Kaede rest for a bit. If it really was a case of amnesia, we would have to proceed with another check-up." A man clad in a white lab coat entered the room with a clipboard on hand, walking towards me with a smile on his face.

"How are you feeling, Kaede-kun?"

I recoiled from the smiling face, flinching when his face got too close to mine.

Doesn't this person know something called 'personal space'?

"M-My name isn't Kaede!" I announced, glaring at the family(?) of three and the doctor who seemed harmless.

The doctor continued to smile, scribbling down little notes on the paper clipped to his board, nodding slightly when I replied him.

"Is that so? My name is Kujo Arato, your doctor hired by your two parents there. Pleased to be of your acquaintance." Doctor Kujo reached out for a handshake, which I hesitantly accepted.

Then I noticed the difference in our hand sizes.

It can't be.

"Your parents' names are Tsukino Ayaka, and Tsukino Lucas . This cute little miss here is your older sister, Tsukino Maria. Do you recognise these names?" The doctor asked, adjusting his glasses while directing his hands over to the trio's to indicate each and every of their names.

The woman named 'Ayaka' looked a bit worried, face plastered with distress as she stood by the side beside her husband(?), 'Lucas'. Both of them look like foreigners with their blonde hair and face structure, both tall and pale with Lucas's face dusted with freckles. In contrast to the two beautiful worried-looking foreigner, the cute little Miss, 'Maria', waved with a cheerful looking smile.

I guess a child wouldn't be able to understand this conversation.

Giving a shake of my head, I gave the doctor my answer and heard a whimper from the side of the room.

I directed my gaze to where the woman was standing, and was promptly stunned into silence when her shoulders were shaking uncontrollably, eyes glistening with unshod tears.

"Tsukino-sama, as a doctor, I would have to ask you to step out of the room before Kaede-kun here gets affected by your unstable emotions." The doctor said without mercy, warm eyes suddenly turning cold when he looked at the woman.

"I'm sorry, Kujo-sensei. It's just, I was so happy when I heard Kaede-chan was awake...But to think he even lost his memories about us..." By now, the woman has already broken down into tears, head buried in her husband's chest as he lead her and the little girl out with an apologetic smile.

After the the trio exited the room, I pondered about their identities. They didn't seem to be acting or anything, and there's also the strange question to why my body seems to be a lot smaller than before.

Moreover, it's not as if I hadn't heard of the name 'Tsukino Maria' before. The little girl has the same name as a character in a game I had played! Moreover, an Otome Game!

If that wasn't confusing enough, what was with this 'amnesia' or the 'Kaede' thing?

"Kaede-kun, now that your parents are gone, would you kindly tell me if you feel anything wrong with your body?" Doctor Kujo continued to question me, with a bit idle talks sipping inside to make me feel more comfortable.


When the numerous amount of questioning finally ended, I sighed and leaned back on the huge pillow behind my back.

The doctor had provided me with enough information to allow me to process that, yes indeed, I am Reincarnated.

In a six years old's body who was involved an accident a week ago.

Tsukino Kaede was this boy's name, and if I a correct, this boy is already dead.

By right, I was supposed to be dead, but I am reborn(?) inside this body where the main person himself had already passed away-most likely due to the accident. It might just be a case of soul swapping.

Talking about the accident, I was told by the doctor that it was a harmless prank made by several kids from the same school as 'Kaede'. While they were playing toss the ball, one of the boys had purposely hit the ball using a lot of force and in a case of coincidence, the ball landed in the middle of an empty road.

The previous holder of this body, 'Kaede', was prompted by the kids to pick the ball up for them, and while he did so, a speeding car appeared from a curve and the driver, not noticing the six years old, had almost ran his car over the little boy.

Only because of the screams the other kids were making stopped the car before it could do any more damage to 'Kaede's body.

Most likely, Kaede had already died at that point of time. But somehow, 'I' had entered his body, thus making his heart continue to beat.

From what I heard from Doctor Kujo, Kaede had a mild case of heart condition, so it might had been because of that, that Kaede's heart stopped functioning when he was almost ran over by the car.

His doctors probably thought the reason to the short coma was because of the shock Kaede had gotten when he was faced with the car. And to explain why his body didn't look injured, I was told that due to the higher technology the doctors has (in this 'game'), 'Kaede's body was more or less healed by the time 'I' woke up.

Though until this point of time, I could have only formed the theory of 'Kaede' dying because the game character 'Kaede' had died before he was even introduced in the game.

Tsukino Maria had been your typical irritating love rival in an Otome game, but with a slight twist. The developers had made Maria, the rival character, a bit more likeable when the player reaches a certain point in the game where they reveal Maria's background.

Tsukino isn't just your typical clingy, rich bishoujo love rival. She was someone who had been abused by her son-doting mother after her younger brother died in an accident. Moreover, the stress just accumulates itself, especially when her father gave her pressure into taking various academics classes to get a substitute of a heir.

Apparently, 'Ayaka', the mother of Tsukino Kaede had really doted on Kaede, spoiling him with whatever he wanted. Especially since he born prematurely and had a heart condition. Not to mention how Kaede had been described as a boy praised and complimented for his talent in playing musical instruments.

For the family who had lost such a prodigal son, and for a mother who had lost her precious baby, it must had been hard for her to withstand the pressure from different areas-mainly 'sympathy's from her relatives, gossips and mental stress. She soon fell into depression and started to take her anger out on her eldest daughter.

For the me who was in the same situation, where my aunt had a miscarriage before I was born, where she was so jealous about how her ever-so-successful older sister attaining praises from their relatives, when the only thing the others gave her was 'pity', then directing her jealously towards me-the sickly son her sister had gave birth to.

I could sympathise with this girl that doesn't even exist.

In the game, Maria had been seventeen, and from how the little girl was still young, I can more or less guess that my soul had been swapped when the previous Kaede lost his life- which had been ten years ago.

"Could you lend me a mirror?" I asked the silent doctor. After explaining the details to me, the doctor had been observing my reactions-not that I had shown any visible changed to my expression.

"Sure. Wait a second..." Doctor Kujo proceeded to rummage his pocket and dug out small squarish mirror. "Here." Handing the mirror to me with a curious look, Doctor Kujo scribbled more notes onto his paper.

"Oh..." I let out a small gasp when my eyes caught sight of my current appearance.

I was stunned into silence. A cherubic and innocent looking face stared back at me from the mirror, my dark hair and black orbs were no more, replaced by something entirely different.

Short straight blonde strands of hair was layered on my head, looking as soft as cotton candy. With the lighting in the room, it seemed as though my hair was shining with how silky it is- Kaede must have had his hair treated really preciously if it was this silky. Kaede's-No, my magenta coloured eyes shone under the light, long lashes covering the bright orb in some places. I look up to find short strands of light blonde hair covering my forehead, really different from my previous appearance where my bangs didn't even reach my eyebrows.

But the most different thing my current appearance had was the perfectly unharmed face. Although a bit on the pale side, my face was not littered with bruises and scars my 'Mother' had left me. The pair of eyes in the mirror followed wherever mine went inversely, proving to me that yes, the face reflected from the mirror was indeed mine.

This precious, unharmed, youthful face was indeed mine.

Unable to control my tears any longer, my tear ducts started to work itself out, allowing streams of tears to flow down my face. I pinched myself slightly, unable to believe that I was given another chance in life. One that was most likely going to be a lot more enjoyable and safe compared to my previous life.

I had trouble believing that I was indeed not dead, not dreaming, still caged in the fantasies of a mad woman*, but after seeing this stranger's face, I had gotten prove that I am really...free.

Maybe it was selfish of me to think that I could do anything I wanted to this body which wasn't even mine, but there was no way I was going to mope around without experiencing how normal children lives.

For the me who had been deprived of a normal life, and for the Kaede who had lost his life early on, I would live on for the both of us.

And while I was still unable to control my tears, a knocking sound came from the other side of the door.

"Kaede? Ueno-kun is here to apologise."


End of chapter

* - Fantasy of a mad woman referring to his aunt viewing him as her dead sister.