Yuusuke POV

"Has your birthday passed?" Kaede asked as he stare at me with his huge, sharp purple eyes.

What's with that question? If my birthday had already passed and I didn't invite him, I'd be in for a beating.

For some reason, today's Kaede's is weird. Like, really weird.

Normally Kaede would be threatening to tell on me by this point; for making him ask for help; for seeing him in his vulnerable form.

I had been expecting a 'How dare you question' - or something alone that line- when I saw him fall, but to think he said 'please'.

But then again, he said he had the Amne-thing I saw in movies. Maybe that's why he's so weird today.

But seeing Kaede so polite is still a bit...Weirrddd


Kaede POV

I figured I asked a weird question out of the blue, but wouldn't people normally just answer the question without looking so freaked out?

I waved a hand in front of him, and repeated my question.

"...No?" He tilted his head while he started to bite on his lollipop.

I slumped in relief after hearing his answer. That only meant one thing-I had time to stop the 'accident' from happening.

"You sure are weird today, Kaede."

"Hmm..." I gave the boy a mindless reply, already thinking of ways to stop a demise from happening.

"So, do you want to go back to your bed or not?" the semi-Albino asked me, standing up with the lollipop still in his mouth, hands patting non-existent dust off his shorts.

"Oh. Yes, please."

Just as I answered, the boy once again raised an eyebrow at me. Thankfully, he didn't comment on anything and just heaved me up by an arm and slung me over his shoulders. I was a bit disgruntled by the sudden movement, but I couldn't complain. It is a six years old carrying me to my bed.

Unexpectedly, he dragged me back to my bed quite efficiently and carefully. With the way he had handled me, I would have assumed he had experience with helping people who couldn't walk.

Once I was on my bed, the boy-Yuusuke, actually took it upon his duty cover me with my blankets.

Strange, I never pegged him as the considerate type.

"Thank you..." my hands unconsciously grasped the soft material on the blanket, pulling it up to my nose. Flushing as I expressed my gratitude, I buried half of my face in the blanket.

When was the last time someone had treated me so kindly? I have been so used to the ill treatments my foster parents gave me that this kindness Yuusuke had given me feel so out of place.

"...Your welcome?" Without any prompting, Yuusuke quietly took up the space on the chair stationed by my bed.

I thought he would leave by now.

"Does it hurt?" came another unexpected action from the boy.

Facing him, I could tell from the boy's eyes that he was curious. Curious about my injury.

"No, it doesn't. It just feels numb now." I gave him a vague reply, hoping he wouldn't ask on any further, since I don't have any other knowledge of 'Kaede'.

I doubt this person even knows what 'Amnesia' is, even if he acted like he knew what it was.

"Hmm... Auntie told Mom that you can go back to school next week." From his clueless expression, I can more or less guess that he didn't know what 'numb' meant.

However, "...School?" Kaede had to attend school when he's not even seven yet?

"Yeap. She said you can be out of the hospital by tomorrow, and after one week, you'll be coming back to school. I'm betting that you can't wait to get revenge."

Pausing all my thoughts with the last line, I stared incredulously at the young boy in front of me who was talking about revenge of all things.

"Why would I want revenge?" Isn't he too young to be thinking about revenge? I, for one, didn't want revenge on my foster parents when I just six.

"I dunno, cause you always want one? Really, you are acting weirder and weirder."


The more I hear about him talking about 'Kaede', the more suspicions arises on the previous owner of this body.

He talks as if...

Wanting to confirm my suspicions, I stared straight at the young boy who was still chewing on his lollipop, and asked.

"Did...Kaede something wrong in the past?''

I spoke as if I was using a 3rd person pronoun for myself, but it could not be helped considering how I still have not yet come to terms with how I am 'Kaede' right now.

"No, not really." Yuusuke answered promptly, though I could tell he was lying with the way he averted his eyes.

He's still too young to tell a proper lie.

After a few seconds of staring on my part, he relented and while fiddling with his thumbs, he answered again, now sounding unsure of himself.

"You...always liked to bully us when we don't listen to you. Its unfair! Just because your family is rich-" I stopped him before he started to ramble on.

"I am not the Kaede from before. You don't need to worry," I said calmly, trying to ease the other boy.

Well, I kind of expected that answer but its still kind of shocking.

With the way 'Kaede's family treated him, I expected him to be an angel or something.

Maybe it's because his family spoilt him rotten, or maybe it's because his family doesn't care about his conduct, that the Kaede described by Yuusuke seems like a little devil instead. Though, it doesn't seem as though his family is aware of this and it's not as if I'll get my answers seeing that 'Kaede' is no longer in existent.

Containing a sigh, I looked away from Yuusuke who was looking at me as if I'm some rare specimen.

"I like this Kaede more,'' said Yuusuke as he poked my cheeks without any restraints.

I slapped his hand away without much thought, uncomfortable with the way I'm being touched repeatedly. Instinctively, I had wanted to push him away the moment his fingers came into contact with my cheeks, but I controlled myself and instead only gave him a light slap.

However, it seems that Yuusuke did not expect his hand to be slapped away, and was momentarily stunned.

He brought his hand to eye level and stared in awe at it.

"Oh my god, Kaede slapped my hand.''

I almost choked.

Why is this boy being surprised by everything I do? Am I really behaving that differently from the previous 'Kaede'?

"Kaede, Kaede, you know, I had disliked you last time too, but this new Kaede with Amenia-''

"Amnesia,'' I corrected.

"-Amnenia is more fun! Want to be friends?" Yuusuke held out his small chubby hands towards me, smiling as if I had already accepted him as a friend.

Friends... To suddenly ask me to be friends with him...

Although I was a bit happy that he wanted to be friends with me, I was hesitant.

I never had any friends before when I was still Yuu, so I don't really know how to approach-

Before I could contemplate whether or not I wanted to be friends with him, Yuusuke had already leaned towards me and shook my hand.

"From now on, we are friends!" Yuusuke proclaimed, white teeth showing as he smiled, scarlet eyes staring at me with a weird gleam accompanying it.

It was then I promptly remembered that the boy clamping both my hands with a vice grip is Nishimura Yuusuke, one of the more dangerous capture male targets in this 'otome game' world I was reincarnated into.

Ah... what have I landed myself into?


End of chapter

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