Just a quick Prologue.

"Mommy?" came a tiny, small voice. A child's hand, trembled as he reached upward. His sightless, green eyes shimmered with pain filled tears. He was young, around four at the oldest, yet not one would dare to come close to him.

He wanted his mother. He wanted...he just wanted-

He heard a swish of wind above him and a presence appeared before him, taking his hand. He did note how freezing the hand felt, but he didn't care.

"Mommy...?" His tired voice had hints of hope. Was it really his mother?

"Oh, he's going to die."

The tiny hope he had suddenly died. "...Y-you're not mommy."

"Do you want to see mommy?"


"Then give me your name, and I will grant you that wish."

He didn't hesitate. "I'm... Robin...L-Lowell."

"Then our contract is sealed. Your soul will be mine."

Robin just smiled, blood slipping from the corner of his lip, "Thank you."

Ahaha... I know short, but that's right before everything starts.