[The curtain rises. The outside of a house. We only see the front, and maybe part of the side. It's a small farm house. Bonnie is sitting on a tree stump, reading a book. Clara enters.]

Clara: Bonnie! (Bonnie's too absorbed in her book)Bonnie! (She grabs the book from her)

Bonnie: What?

Clara: Have you seen Papa or Pepe?

Bonnie: No.

Clara: You were too busy reading, that's why. All over town, I'm known as the Bookworm's Sister, and the Inventor's Younger Daughter.

Bonnie: There's nothing wrong with books, Clara.

Clara: (Sighs)I know. But you read so many.

Bonnie: So?

[A boom is heard. Smoke comes from the semi-underground cellar. The door to it flies open, more smoke comes out, followed by a couching Morris.]

Bonnie & Clara: Papa!

[The two girls run to his side.]

Bonnie: Papa, are you alright?

Morris: No, I can't get that old machine to work! (He throws his hat) If I had been a better business man, this would never've happened!

Bonnie: You did your best, Papa.

Clara: Yes, who could've foresaw that we'd be cursed and that wicked woman tricking you into handing over the profitable part of the business to her, leaving us with this dingy house and a ship that was lost at sea.

Bonnie: (In a lowered voice)Clara, I don't think you're helping.

Morris: No, no. She's right. (Sighs)This house may not be the large, staffed house we're used to, but it's what we have.

Bonnie: And it's self-sufficient. It's like a little farm, but, I do wish the garden would grow more pleasant things other than roots cabbage.

Clara: I wish I would get more noticed for my beauty charm.

Bonnie: So vain.

Clara: Can I help it? Nature dictates, that 'If you got it, flaunt it'. (Stares at Bonnie) However there are some exceptions.

[Bonnie gets mad.]

Morris: Girls, it doesn't matter who notices us, as long as we have each other stability.

Clara: Which this town lacks.

Morris: Clara!

Clara: It's true! The entire town's talking about it. No one's seen the Royal Family for years! The only one who enters exits the castle is the tax collector.

Morris: True, but everything's fine. As long as we give him a quarter of what we produce, we're fine.

[Horns blow. Taxman enters accompanied by his nephew, George.]

Taxman: Good morning.

Morris: Good morning, Monsieurs.

Taxman: I'm here for the taxes.

Morris: But I just paid you last week.

Taxman: Well, the taxes just doubled.

Morris: You can't be serious!

Taxman: I am. A terrible disease took over the Royal Garden, killed most of the food!

Morris: But, I need food for my family!

Taxman: A simple family of three, how much do you need? The Castle is filled with a hundred servants, plus the Prince.

Bonnie: If it's so full, how come we only see you?

Taxman: Because I'm the only one fit enough to leave the Castle.

Bonnie: Are you saying the Prince, our future King, is ill?

Taxman: I'm not saying that at all.

Bonnie: You just said you were 'the only one fit enough to leave the castle'.

[Taxman gets nervous.]

George: Enough. Just give us what we're owed.

Bonnie: Who put you in charge?

George: My Uncle. He's teaching me his trade.

Bonnie: Robbing from innocent people?

George: Come now, Bonnie. (He puts an arm around her, but she brushes it off. He's clearly attracted to her.)The Castle's gotta live too.

Bonnie: This town, and from what I've heard, this kingdom, is one of the poorest in Europe.

George: That's just talk.

Bonnie: Says you! You your Uncle are the only ones in town with money to burn!

Taxman: Enough! Get your rent, old man!

Morris: Oui, Monsieur. (He leaves)

George: So, Bonnie. Would you like money to burn?

Bonnie: What are you saying?

George: (He grabs her hand and gets down on one knee)Will you marry me?

Bonnie: Never!

George: Why not?

Bonnie: You're rude, shallow, conceded, and not right for me.

Clara: You're right for me!

George: (Ignoring Clara)No one's perfect.

[Morris reenters, carrying a bag.]

Morris: I have the taxes.

[Taxman takes the bag and looks inside.]

Taxman: This will do for now. Come, George.

George: In a moment. (Turns to Bonnie)I will have you for a wife one day.

[George creepily exits with Taxman.]

Morris: Well, that went well.

[Messenger enters.]

Messenger: Is this the Morris Richson residence?

Morris: Yes, I'm Morris.

Messenger: I've come bearing wonderful news. The ship that everyone thought was lost has been found!

Morris: That is wonderful. I'll set out right away! (Goes to get ready. He returns shortly after with a packed bag his Horse) Let's go! (He hugs his daughters) Goodbye girls! This will turn everything around!

[Morris & Messenger exit.]