I went inside the locker room completely spent. Not only did the operation turn out to be another appendectomy, I was dragged making early morning rounds afterwards too. Forcing smiles and pleasantries when you haven't had a decent hour of sleep for the past three days would probably take a lot out of anyone.

Checking my phone for any messages, I felt a little relieved, seeing a text from my little brother saying he had already arrived at the hospital and was waiting for me in the parking lot. It's a good thing I got lucky in the siblings department at least; he's been nothing but a solid rock, supporting me as I fumbled my way to my dreams - to what I initially thought they were.

Like I said, I wasn't so sure about anything at the moment.

My brother knew of my dilemmas, of course, and he'd been trying to make my life as easy as possible since I told him. What more could I ask for, right?

I slumped unto one of the benches after I got my bag out of my locker. I changed out of my scrubs and into my tight skirt, flowing top, and doll shoes, happy to be wearing my own clothes again. I didn't even bother retouching my make-up anymore. Nobody else was doing it anyway; everybody was always too busy running around doing something else more important.

I was in the middle of trying to get my mass of hair into braid when I heard people in the next room.

The residents' lockers were right next to the consultants', separated only by a thin wall and a hollow door. Guess they did so because some of the other residents were always doing 'stuff' in places where they think they're alone. The television dramas were right about that one too.

Whoever was in the other room probably thought nobody else was in the lockers because they soon started talking and I could hear them clearly as I dug into my bag in search of my handkerchief.

"Are you sure?" one of the voices asked, alarmed. It was a familiar voice of a woman but I couldn't think of a name for who it might be with the way it was being muffled by the wall.

"Unfortunately. I heard about it from my sister. There are rumors of an uprising in the south - sightings, attacks, killings. Alliance leaders have been getting together a lot in the past few months trying to come up with a plan to contain it. Won't be long before something hits the headlines at the rate it's going there." It was a man this time, and a voice I was not familiar with.

To say I was confused would be an understatement. None of the things he said made any sense to me. Sightings, attacks, and killings? Alliance leaders? It's like they're part of some covert government top secret shit.

"Are they sending in the squads already?" the woman asked.

"Not that I've heard of yet."

There was a pause, and then the woman spoke again. "We have to get rid of them somehow. Otherwise the problem may escalate to the cities. If that happens…" Her voice broke a little at the end.

"It will be too late to do anything. We may be facing another war."

War? I practically jumped from the bench. I didn't realize I had been listening intently to the conversation until the sounds got drowned out by the loud pounding of blood in my ears. Whatever they were talking about distrubed me beyond words. It made me curious as to who the two doctors were, but I knew curiosity killed the cat.

And I seriously don't wanna be that cat.

I shook the crept out feeling off, shrugging my shoulders and making dusting movements with my hands. For all I know, I just caught them in some twisted role-playing game they do before getting down and dirty. Or maybe they were high; that's not something unheard of either.

Whatever it was, I decided I was going to pretend I didn't hear a thing of it and move on. I needed rest badly. And who knows, maybe I'd imagined everything and there's really no one in the other room.

My phone vibrated and I took it out of my bag. 'Lil Bro' flashed on the screen, a picture of his smiling face in the background. I swiped at the green, glowing phone as I walked towards the door.

"I thought you're coming out already?" my brother said in leiu of 'hello'.

"Hello to you too." I jibed as I turned the knob. "I'm on my way - literally walking out."

"Okay. See you in a few."

"Yup." I ended the call and made my way straight for the parking lot.

My mind went back to the conversation I heard and I shook my head again. I definitely misunderstood them.

I laughed at my slight overreaction. It was almost five in the morning and I hadn't slept for more than two days. I must've heard them wrong.

My brother was already in the driver's seat when I got to car. He motioned for me to hop in the instant he saw me and I was more than happy to oblige.

Securing my bag to my lap, I glanced at the side mirror of the front passenger seat and there by the doors to the emergency room was a figure of a man in a long, white coat.

My heart did a leap and I returned my gaze to the front.

"What's wrong?" my brother asked, obviously noticing my slight panic.

I shook my head and smiled at him. "Nothing. Just tired, I guess."

He nodded.

I'm imagining things. Definitely just imagining things.