Sorry in advance for any spelling or grammatical mistakes.

People are sickening and barbarous.

They are spiteful and callous.

They don't deserve to live.

Some were charitable and caring.

They were fun and amiable.

They deserved it all.

But it spread like a disease.

Poisoning everyone.

It plagued all.

One sentence.

One word.

One call.

Can destroy someone.

It will eat them inside-out.

Tear them apart like petals of a flower.

I feel sick when I hear or see it.

How idiots and ass-hole become murders.

How family and friends become mourners.

It bubble in my stomach.

It flutters and stabs my heart.

And it lights my hatred for humanity.

Some people deserve to die.

Maybe for just existing with their attitudes.

Or maybe for the things that they did or what they might do.

I want the pain, the suffering, the tears to end.

I want the world to crash and burn, hail and rain, freeze and crack.

I want everyone to mourn their loves and hates, family and strangers, friends and enemies.

Because no one should suffer through hurricanes while another celebrates good weather.

Because no one should shed endless tears while another laughs.

Because no one should hate while another loves.

So is the way our world works.

As you strive for your goals, cherish your treasures and love your family.

Someone's crying for help and screaming in agony.

All alone.

I hope you liked it.

I wrote it sometime in the last half hour on a whim.


Yui xxx