A/N: So, just a few things I forgot to mention last chapter! Lol. How you say Saoirse: Sear-sha. It's Irish ;). And Lincoln and the inhumans mention is from Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. :)

Okay, I know what you all are thinking. All of a sudden I have a crush on my next door neighbor who I don't talk to. Which is totally not true. But I've always been a loner kind of girl. Maybe it's time to make some friends.

The weekend was uneventful, and I roll out of bed Sunday morning, walking over to my closet. I pull out a pretty yellow sundress. It's a yellow gingham, and had wide spaghetti straps. The skirt is pleated, and ends just below my knee. I slip it on, and brush out my hair. It's a dark strawberry blonde. Very similar to Amy Adams hair. She's so gorgeous. I pull it into a messy top bun, my fringe hanging out. I slip on some white ballet flats with sparkles on them. I put my favorite silver bracelet on. It has three charms on it - a cross, a bible and a small diamond. I put on small diamond studs, and a necklace that has five diamonds arranged like a flower. No, they're not real diamonds silly. I'm not a millionaire.

I put some powder foundation on, and some mascara. I add some blush to my cheeks, and put some light red lipstick on. I smile at my reflection. So cutie.

I walk downstairs, yawning. "Morning mommy," I say. She looks up and smiles. "Hi sweety. Ready for church?" I nod, opening the fridge. I pull out the milk and make myself a bowl of frosted flakes. I eat it slowly, then put my dishes in the dishwasher. I walk back up to my room, and grab my bible. It's a dark purple, with swirls indented on the front cover. I brush my teeth quickly and fix my lipstick. I skip down the stairs, waiting for mom by the back door. "Mommy! Hurry up!"

"I'll be out in a sec, go wait in the car!"

I hurry out the door, and go wait in our red sunfire. I roll the window down, letting the wonderful September air hit my face.

"Good morning Saoirse!"

I look over to the Matthews' driveway and wave at Lillianna. "Hey Lil." I glance at Christian and he smiles at me. I smile shyly back, looking back toward our door. They all get into Mr. Matthews fancy car. A blue Rx8 that's decked out to look like Wolverines. Yes, I know my superheroes. Big whoop. We all know Thor is the best.

"MOM!" I shout as the Matthews drive down the road. She hurries out, pulling her keys out of her purse. "Sorry honey, I couldn't find my bible." I shrug as she starts the car. "It's okay Mom."

We arrive at church twenty minutes later, and I walk to my Sunday school room. The only seat available on the couches is next to Christian. I slide in quietly next to him, staring at the bible on my lap. "You look really nice today," Christian says. I look up. "Oh. Thanks." He smiles. "You're welcome."

I look at the teacher as class starts, but feel my cheeks heat up. Sitting this close to Christian Matthews is doing weird things to me. Stupid teenage hormones. Yeah, I'm blaming it on hormones.

When the mob of teenagers is leaving class, I stay toward the back. As I walk down the hall, the youth group clique in front of me, I hear the piano and organ welcoming people to service. I hear the first few lines of one of my favorite hymns - On Christ the Solid Rock I Stand . . . All other ground is sinking sand. . .

I hope we're singing it in service.

I look around for my mom. People are in the large hall next to the sanctuary, drinking coffee and eating donuts. I don't see her.

"Hey, wanna sit with me during service?"

I turn to see Christian standing next to me. I blink. "Uh, sure. I'd love to." He smiles, and I follow him into service, glancing behind me to look for my mom once more. He stays toward the back as we sit down. Hmm, he's a back of the room sitter. Interesting. I settle next to him, my bible on my lap. His is next to him on the pew, on the opposite side from where I am sitting. The associate pastor gives the announcements shortly after we sit down. Mrs. Hill had her baby, a girl. Prayer requests, etc. I listen intently, writing a few things down on my bulletin. Then we stand as the first hymn starts. I pull out the hymn book and flip to the one we're singing; Nearer My God to Thee.

I can't help but notice what a nice voice Christian has. Clearly he's a tenor. The notes seem so natural for him. I'm a soprano, and his notes sound nice with the melody.

After the offertory much later, our pastor starts his sermon. We're in the Psalms. I open my bible to the one he says. Christian does the same. Part way through, Christian puts his arm on the back of the pew behind me. I tense. I've seen him in service sitting with his family, so I know he does this on a regular basis. But it doesn't make me feel any less weird.

During the prayer after the sermon, I feel something bump my knee. I bite my lip. Then I bump Christian's knee back. I pray it isn't some kind of sin.

When we stand for the last hymn, I see a small smirk on Christian's lips. I smile slightly, opening my hymn book to The Solid Rock. My favorite hymn.

Christian's POV

When I enter my room after church, I set my bible on my desk. I look out my window towards Saoirse's room. I see her figure moving, but her curtains are closed. As always. Not like I'm a pervert or anything. I just wish she knew that I could close my curtains so she could get a little daylight in her room, you know?

I walk down to the living room, sitting on the couch. I smell lunch cooking in the kitchen. "Hey," Lillianna says as she sits next to me, "where were you during service?" I shrug. "I sat with Saoirse."

"Seriously?!" She practically screams in my ear. "Do you like her?! Are you going to date her?! Do you think she likes-" I put my hand over her mouth. "Shut it Lil. Mom and dad will hear you."

"So?" She says quietly behind my hand. "If it's not true, there's nothing to hide. There shouldn't be anything to hide," she adds quickly. I pull my hand away. "I don't have anything to hide," I tell her, settling back into the couch. She smirks, leaning close to me, studying my face. "You like her. . ." She says in a sing-song voice. I scoff. "I do not. Can't a guy be friends with a girl?"

"In mom's words," she says, sitting back, "no. They can't." I frown, turning the tv on. "Whatever. I think she might be kind of lonely. She went all loner after her dad died," I say softly. Lilli looks at the carpet, her eyes sad. "Yeah. I'm sure that was really hard on her. I was talking to her after class on Friday," she says, looking at me. "This Tuesday is the one year mark." I cringe. "That's not good." She nods. "She and her mom are struggling a bit."

"Her mom still not have a job?" I ask. She shakes her head. "They've been able to live on the money her dad saved, but funds are tight. She was telling me she might have to drop out of dance."

"That's terrible."


We sit in silence for a while, the tv running some random channel. I had no idea that they were struggling like that. Mom calls us in for lunch, and Lilli and I join mom and dad in the dining room. "Why the long faces?" My dad asks. "I was talking to Saoirse on Friday," Lilli says. "And why is that upsetting?" Mom asks, a little confused. "Well . . . she and Mrs. Donovan don't seem to be doing so well."

"And why is that?" My dad asks, frowning. "Mrs. Donovan, you know, they believe in women not working," my parents nod, "and so they've been living off of the money her dad set aside. Saoirse says she might have to drop out of dance."

"That's terrible!" My mom says quickly. "Saoirse loves dance. She's been dancing since she was two." Lilli nods. "I know! I almost cried. Mom, I really want to help them, but I don't know how. It hasn't even been a year since Mr. Donovan died." She looks sadly down at her lap. "And I doubt Saoirse has the time to get a job." My parents nod. "We'll talk about it sweety, maybe there' something we can do," my dad tells her reassuringly. She nods.

My dad blesses the food, and we start eating. I eat in silence while my family starts idle chit-chat. I think about Saoirse. If she has to drop out of dance, what does that mean for her tennis competition?

"What about you, Christian? You're awfully quiet over there," my mom says, taking a bite of chicken. I shrug. "Just thinking."

"You went to service, right?" Dad asks. I nod. "He was sitting with Saoirse," Lilli pipes up. I glare at her. My mom smiles. "That was nice of you. She's in need of more friends." I stare down at my plate, feeling my father's eyes on me. "Not getting any ideas?" He asks. I shake my head. "No sir."


I kick Lilli under the table. She huffs, frowning at me. I glare at her over my food and she shrugs, popping a piece of broccoli into her mouth. She'll pay for this later.

"Did you talk much?" My mom asks. "No," I say truthfully. "Her mom says she's been kind of a loner since her dad died. I hope you can make friends with her, both of you." My mom says. I smile. She really is a sweet woman. Lilli nods. "I hope so too! She's super nice." I nod agreement. "Maybe you guys should invite her over," my mom says, passing the mashed potatoes to my dad. "What about this afternoon? Her mother is coming to the church meeting with us, and she'll be all alone. I can trust you guys, right?" We nod. My father looks pointedly at me. "You especially," he says. I nod. "I know. Public school hasn't ruined me. I know how to handle myself. You've taught me well." My father nods, fixing his glasses. "Very well." He looks at my sister. "No leaving them alone, and no letting funny business happen, got it young lady?" She nods. "Yes sir. I'll make sure that if Christian's hormones take over he's locked in his room." I kick her again. "Ouch Christian!" She whines. My mother chuckles. "Alright you two. We all know Christian knows his place. I have confidence in him." I smirk at my sister. She smirks sarcastically back. "No fighting."

"Yes sir," we say in unison.

After lunch is cleaned up after, my mom calls Mrs. Donovan. "Perfect!" I hear her say as I'm drying the dishes. "Oh no, I'll have dinner for them, don't worry. No no, there's no need, really Caoimhe. Why don't we adults go out after the meeting?" A pause. "Oh don't worry, we've talked to the kids. If there is any funny business, they will be punished severely." Another pause. "Perfect. Sounds wonderful. Alrighty, thank you Caoimhe. Bye." My mom walks into the kitchen. "Saoirse will be coming at four. We should be back by ten."

"What about youth group?" I ask. I know sometimes my parents don't want me to miss. "You can skip. I know you hate it anyway."

It's true. It's usually less learning the bible and God's word and more teenagers unsupervised getting away with touching each other. And playing 'contact' sports. You know, ones that aren't supposed to be contact? Yeah. I think I even found one couple making out behind the church. Totally disrespectful. "Okay mom," I say quickly, hanging up the wet towel. "I'll let pastor Dave know."

"Okay hun."

At four the doorbell rings, and I answer it. Of course it's Saoirse. She's still wearing the same outfit from church, the one that makes her green eyes stand out. "Hey," I say, smiling. She smiles shyly back. "Hi." I step to the side as she walks in, where she is pummeled by my sister. "Saoirse!" She laughs. "Hi Lil. What's up?"

"I was thinking we should totally watch Frozen, what do you think?" I see something in Saoirse's eyes. She looks sad. "Oh, I'm sorry Lilli, but, I'd rather not . . ." She says softly. "Oh," Lilli says quickly, looking slightly disappointed. "That's okay, we'll pick something else."

"I'm really sorry," Saoirse says quickly. "That's . . . that's just . . . my dad took me to see it just before he passed away." She blinks. "I'm so sorry Saoirse, I had no idea-"

"That's okay," she says quickly, smiling. "What about Thor?" She asks. I wrinkle my nose. "Please don't tell me you're a Thor fan." She glares at me. "Duh. He's only the best Avenger!" I sigh as she and Lilli start giggle and fangirling over Thor. I roll my eyes, plopping down on the couch. I start the Thor movie. Gotta make the girls happy I guess. I'm more of an Iron man guy myself. Or maybe Cap . . . well, okay, I guess I like Thor too. But Hawkeye might beat the latter two.

Lilli sits down on my left, and Saoirse on my right. Lilli grabs a pillow and cuddles with it. Saoirse tucks her feet under her, settling down into the couch. I smile, looking at the tv again.

We watch in silence. I poke Saoirse's leg and she looks up at me, startled. I keep watching the movie. Then I look at her when she pokes me back. She's smirking. I smile, and poke her again. She gently pokes me back.

"Knock it off you two," Lilli says. Saoirse jumps, looking over at her. She's frowning at us. "What?" I ask innocently. "Don't give me that crap Christian," she says, looking back at the tv."I know you started it." I shake my head, looking back at Saoirse. She's watching the movie, smiling shyly. I think she might be blushing. I smirk.

It's at the intense battle scene between Thor and the robot thing with flames . . . hey, I'm not very good with the names, okay? I may know it and really like it, but it doesn't mean I remember the name like a total, total nerd.

I jump when something pokes my ribcage. I look over at Saoirse. She's watching the movie intently. But . . . ha! There it is. A slight smirk on the corner of her lips. I poke her back and she screeches, jumping away from me, smiling. "Christian!" She exclaims. "What?" I ask, slightly confused. Then I realize. "You're ticklish!" I exclaim. She blinks. "A-a-am not!" She stutters. I smirk. "Are so!"

"Shhh," Lilli complains. I smirk over at Saoirse, who glares at me, holding her side as she slides back onto the couch. Then she shakes her head. "Don't do it," she mouths.

Come on, who can resist tickling someone when they don't want it?

So I do. She didn't see it coming and starts screeching pushing me away. "Stop stop stop!" She yells. "Lilli!" Lilli sighs, rolling her eyes. But she doesn't do anything else. You know me too well sister.

After several minutes Saoirse is gasping for air. "Stop, Christian . . . stop!" She gasps, pushing my hands away. I smirk, tickling her more. "Say the magic word . . ."

"Please! Stop stop stop!" I laugh, pulling my hands back. She gasps, rolling off the couch. "You're horrible," she mutters. I smirk.

"I'm telling about that, btw," Lilli pipes up, her eyes glued to the screen. I roll mine. "Okay." She shrugs. I help Saoirse back onto the couch. She smirks at me. "Are you ticklish?"

"Me? No," I say, dismissing it with my hand. "He is," Lilli says. I glare at her. Saoirse smirks. "Oh really . . . ?"

"No, I'm not."

She smirks, settling back into the couch. "MmHmm . . ." I roll my eyes. "MmHmm," I say back sarcastically.

When the movie is over, Lilli picks another while I go to make popcorn. I set one bowl aside, and start on another.


I jump, whipping around while Saoirse laughs. "You shoulda seen your face!" She laughs harder, grabbing her stomach. "Yeah yeah," I mutter, turning back to the popcorn maker. She's still laughing. Then I feel her standing behind me. "How many bowls are you making?" She asks, looking over my shoulder. Her warm breath hits my neck. I shrug. "One for everyone?" She wrinkles her nose. "No thanks, I'm not a popcorn fan." I shrug again. "Alright then. Just two. Lilli and I don't share well." She laughs, reaching around me and picking up the other bowl. "By the way, we're watching Beauty and the Beast." I groan. She smirks. "Oh please, it's make Lilli happy, right?"

"Not a fan?" I ask. She smiles. "I didn't say that." I laughs softly, shaking my head as I follow her out of the kitchen.

We sit in the same positions, Lilli wolfing down her popcorn. Partway through the movie, Saoirse takes a few kernels of mine. I smile.

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