Saoirse's POV

Christian was right - it was hard. But the joy I saw in Peter's face every time he saw his father made every bit of it worthwhile. Christian being there when his first daughter was born was worth it as well. She was a bright eyed, healthy, perfectly normal baby, who both broke and rekindled our love. Christian gave no argument when I told the doctor her name would be Leia, but he added Jeanine before I said anything else.

And so we had our beautiful baby girl, Leia Jeanine.

Who was quickly followed eleven months later by the designated "love child"; Noah Theodore.

And several years after Noah, we would have our biggest surprise yet: twin girls, born on Christmas day. Before they were born Christian insisted they be named Holly and Ivy. Over time I grew fond of the names. And thus, our last two children, our twin girls, Holly Amidala and Ivy Lillianna were born.

Of course we had long moved into a house by then, and Christian had a steady, wonderfully paying job at a hospital five hours from where our parents lived.

Nothing could have been better.

Christian and I stayed together through it all, and we learned to trust each other more, and tell each other everything, no matter how much it hurt. And we grew. Our love grew, and so did our family. Lillianna had five children of her own with Blane, and constantly told me I should have more even though she wasn't planning on having more - hers were rambunctious enough.

Of course the grandparents would have loved more, but they didn't pressure us too often. I told them maybe someday, but I didn't know. Having the twins had been hard, but I'd managed. I wasn't old, but I certainly wasn't young either.

Christian wraps his arms around me, pulling me into his chest. I smile as we watch our children running around the backyard, playing. Peter and Leia pick the twins up and carry them to the playhouse. The chubby toddlers giggle at their older siblings and hit them with their little fists in joy. I smile, leaning into Christian who kisses my temple. "They're beautiful," I tell him. He hums. "Just like their mother." I smile, snuggling into his warmth. He kisses my cheek. "You think they're okay out here on their own?" I raise my eyebrows at him, curious. "Not really, why?"

"I want to love on my wife," he whispers huskily in my ear. Even after all these years, I still get thrilled at the idea. My body jumps to agreement before I do. "I'm not sure . . ." I hesitate. "They'll be fine," he reassures me and pulls me into the house. I giggle softly as he pulls me into the bedroom and kisses me, taking his time in loving on me.


That's a wrap! Wow, I can't believe it's finally finished. Thank you all for supporting it this far, especially if you stuck with me through thick or thin - it means the world to me. Saoirse and Christian's story was my first on here, and it feels great to finish it. Thank you for the reviews and support it's received in that time. :)


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