Dave walked along the corridor and reached the door right at the end without encountering a single soul. It was all about the timing. Now that he was here there was just a little bit more work to do and then he could go home and relax. Even so, it seemed like a long way to go between now and some decent downtime.

He waited outside the door, closed his eyes and went through his mental exercises in order to focus. Once upon a time it took several minutes to do properly, but now he'd done it so many times that it barely even took a second. He pushed the door open. The door had been locked, but it opened anway, and large chunks of door went flying across the room as it swung violently and bounced off the wall on the other side.

Whatever conversation that had been taking place inside stopped abruptly, and Dave was suddenly the focus of every gaze in the room. There were four people there. There were two heavily muscled and doubtlessly equally heavily armed goons to the far left and the far right, already reaching for their guns. There was a man that Dave didn't recognise, and was getting up from his seat to back away to the side. That suited Dave just fine; it was possible he might not be involved with any of this, but either way it wasn't any of Dave's concern. He was here for the other guy, the one behind the desk who was staring at him with obvious anger, confusion and indignation. Just the kind of reaction you'd expect from a drug lord and crime boss. Behind him was a large window that showed vista of the city from far below.

Dave didn't waste any time, but he didn't rush either. He started walking to the desk, and in the meantime the two goons whipped out their guns and shot him. This didn't have the desired effect. Instead of cutting through Dave's body like any ballistic should have, they reached his body, and then instantly and inexplicably moved just a quickly back the way they'd come, right into the barrels they'd been fired from. The guns exploded in their weilders' hands, and each man fell as their own bullets travelled past the length of their arms and hit them right in the face. Two bodies hit the wall and slid down to the floor. The boss looked at them, twisting his head one way and the other to see them both fall. He was even angrier now. It was a standard reaction that had worked for him so well throughout his life, and he wasn't about to stop now.

"Who the fuck do you think you are?" he demanded, and reached for his own gun on the desk.

"That's not important," Dave replied, and reached out to snatch the gun from his hand before he could pull the trigger. It hit the floor in a twisted pretzel of metal. The boss leapt from his chair and backed away. Dave walked around the desk and continued to approach him. The boss' back hit the window behind him, and he glanced again at his two fallen bodyguards.

"Alright fine," he said, finally registering a little bit of fear. "Tell me what you want."

"I don't want anything from you," said Dave with a small chuckle. The boss frowned.

"They why the fuck are you here?" he said. Dave didn't reply, but instead shoved him hard in the chest, sending him crashing through the window, to fall screaming more than a dozen stories below. Dave watched him fall for a while, and stood there until eventually the screaming stopped, abruptly.

"For that," he said. He turned around to leave, and spotted the man who had been talking to the boss when Dave arrived. He was staring with bug-eyed terror, trying to press himself into the wall as hard as possible. Dave gave him an awkward smile and a small nod, and then left. Now that his job was done, it was time to get paid, and then go take a bath or something. He'd earned a break.