A/N: Silver Chapter 1 rewritten – 2/28/16

Summary: In a world of supernatural abilities, Kairi is known as the "Devil's Doll" - a heartless assassin for hire. Recruited into the Syndicate by her desire to find her kidnaped sister, she soon finds herself caught in a conspiracy that could very well mean the end of humanity.

by Megan Ariano

Chapter I

The Devil's Doll

It was well past midnight by the time he got up from his genuine leather armchair and away from the mess of papers he was supposed to make sense of.

Running a covert weapons smuggling operation and a legal outsourcing company at the same time felt like juggling newly sharpened knives, catch one by the wrong end and you get nicked, if you're lucky; careless handling and you get a lot more than a little scratch and blood will be leaving your white crisp shirt eternally stained for everyone to see.

It put the head of the Naegene family, a family of old, dirty money, on edge every minute of his life. He couldn't remember a day when he wasn't looking out for the next prying government undercover trying to infiltrate his illegal business.

In the beginning it had been exciting working around the long list of accusations, most of them only a bit short on accuracy, but after over twenty years of it, the whole deal got a lot more than just intolerably exhausting. One wrong decision and the life he'd practically overturned every last one of the virtues he'd acquired from years of studying in a religious school would crumble to the ground like a badly stacked house of cards. There was literally no room for mistake in his world, and the pressure followed him to his dreams, turning them to nightmares that haunt him in the day.

He walked the short distance from his mahogany table to the dark, solid-core door leading up to his private quarters. He had the home office built after six months into his new post as the family head and could still remember wondering to himself how his father had managed without it. He would have had to finish work in the company office half an hour from their home and couldn't have afforded forgetting to do anything lest he had to drive back to finish it. A dreadful feat that must've been; it was no surprise his health had deteriorated at an alarmingly fast rate after thirty years. One sickness led to another and the complications had been nothing but lethal, causing his death not too long after his first diagnosis.

He didn't want to end up like his father too fast, not when his only daughter from a failed marriage is not even old enough to marry yet. Who would take over for him then?

He shook the ugly thoughts away, running a hand over his dry, wrinkling face. He just felt dead tired, something he'd been feeling a lot more of as of late. He already had a stubble growing on his chin and dark bags under his eyes, and his hair was already starting to thin. Whether he liked it or not, he was getting older by the second.

He closed the door behind him and flicked the main light of the room off. He walked straight to the bed up against the left-side wall furthest from where he came in. The only light came in from the full-glass windows across the door leading up to the hallway of the mansion, but he didn't bother turning on the night light; his eyesight was still good, at least - he didn't need them.

Yawning, he sat on the edge of the king-size bed and scratched at his beer belly. He was about to pull the shirt he had not been able to change since that morning's meeting with his board of directors when he caught the glimmer of something metallic catching the moonlight reflecting from the mirror of the vanity in front of him, facing the bed.

His instinct was to reach under his pillow for the revolver he kept there. In his line of work, pissing off a number of very dangerous and equally wealthy people was inevitable and he'd gotten death threats and actual attempts at his life as often as the city had experienced rain, which poured half of the days in a year. After the first failed assassination, he'd gotten himself a gun of his own, a 0.44 Magnum from the very same operations he'd been trying so hard to manage. He wasn't used to carrying his own ammunition - he had bodyguards for that kind of thing - but he was alone when he settles in every night and that made it necessary that he put the basics to good use.

"Whoever you are, I know you're there!" he shouted to the darkness by the velvet drapery, aiming his gun to its general direction. The edge of the vanity was digging hard unto his back but he was feeling too nervous to ever care.

The intruder stepped out of the shadows and into the moonlight streaming in from the full-glass windows. Long fiery red hair, tied neatly in a high ponytail, swayed behind the woman with every step, shining as the light hit it. How she even got inside his private room and past the tight security he made sure was stationed at every entrance of his mansion was beyond him.

"What are you doing here and what do you want?" he demanded. It was a stupid question but it bought him some time to think. He slowly felt for his phone in the pocket of his pantsuit, he needed to alert his guards. He kept the gun and his eyes on the woman, praying she couldn't tell what he was doing. He cautioned himself not to look down at his hands when he didn't find what he was looking for.

Dammit! He cursed himself when he remembered placing the phone on his work table. It was the only thing that could get him in touch with his people and it was a room away.

The woman took another step towards him, still not saying a word. Her dark eyes bored into him, deep and unfathomable. They were focused, unfaltering; they were the eyes of a predator. He shivered.

"Do you know who I am? I'm fucking mafia. If you know what's good for you, you'll get out of here while I'm still letting you." He tipped the end of his gun towards the door to indicate what he meant.

The woman remained stoic. He eyed how her pale skin contrasted with her all-black ensemble. That and her aquiline features made her appear otherworldly.

Something about her nagged at him. There were whispers in the underground community he'd heard.

Her eyes flashed in the moonlight. The once dark abysses turned to a pair of shimmering silver. The rumors he'd been hearing came back to him then - tales of a cold-blooded assassin with hair like burning flames, skin as white as sheet, and unusual metallic eyes. She killed her targets in the places they felt most safe - where they were alone - like she was taunting their wealth and power. She was like death's puppet, the devil's executioner - heartless and lethal.

His eyes grew as wide as saucers at the realization. He scampered further to the corner of the room. If he was nervous before, now he was downright scared.

"Oh god, not you. Y-You're-"

The woman moved before the words were out of his mouth. Her eyes glowed the silver she had been most known for as she threw the coins she was holding in her hands towards the man.

In a split second it was over.

The man slid down to the plush carpet, the gun he was holding dropping quietly to the floor as his hands lose their grip. His eyes were wide and uncomprehending, slowly losing the glimmer of life in them. His mouth slacked open and from him neck, something needle-like protruded.

The head of the Naegene family was dead.

The woman raised a hand and the long needle extracted itself from the man's neck. She caught it between her thumb and forefinger when it reached her, careful not to touch the blood staining half its length. She had made sure to hit the spot that unbeknownst to most people meant certain death; that part that shuts down the entire nervous system in a blink of an eye. It required extra effort learning of these things, and practiced precision to even hit it in a single try. It took her time to master it but as an assassin, it was worth every minute she'd allotted for it.

She tucked the needle between a handkerchief and stuffed the evidence in her pocket. She would have to clean it up later, lest she risks being caught with it.

Languidly, she walked towards the body and posed a hand by the man's nose and mouth, careful not to touch him. She straightened when she was convinced of his death and walked back where she came from.

Damp wind rushed to greet her when she opened to the window. It would be morning before the mansion's other occupants realize their leader had been killed. She had put the guards to sleep one after another on her way to her target and the drugs she'd doused her coins with wouldn't wear of for hours. She had turned them to smaller needles and aimed for one of the larger arteries for a quick absorption that it took little time to get past them.

She walked lavishly across the vast garden, savoring the cold light rain that had started to fall on her face. The moon that had been high in the sky a few minutes before was nowhere to be seen - disappeared behind the dark clouds that had rolled in.

She reached the perimeter of the property and simply waved a hand at the wired fence surrounding it. The metal folded in unto itself, creating a hole big enough for her to slip out of. It was a good thing the family hadn't upgraded to one of those electrified fences that were becoming so popular in the past year; otherwise, her job would've been more complicated. In fact, the order to put up a stand-alone power supply for the fence had already been approved by their head of security and was scheduled for termination the following week. She was glad the job had come in before then.

Willing the metal back to its original form, she stared at the maze of cobbled streets in from of her. She was a long way from her apartment at the other side of the city and would have to go through the main park to get there.

She took out the smart phone from her pocket and quickly informed her client of her success. Payment would come in the morning, as agreed, and she had no other jobs lined in for the night.

If there was anything she had at the moment, it was time.

Contented, she started for home.