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"Alex! Come on, already! We'll be late for dinner!"

The little boy, his sister calling to him, giggled, then ran off. Eventually he came to the edge of town-and the vampyre realm. Mist filled the forbidden place, curling and undulating like the colors in a vampyre's eyes during his mesmer. He reached out slowly and a tendril of mist tried to grab his hand. He pulled back and giggled again.


Alex squealed and ran-straight into the white fog.

"Alex! Get back over here!"

He kept running and running and running until he bumped into something soft on the outside but hard on the inside. Oof! He looked at it. It was black and tall and led into-

"Vampyre!" Alex squealed, throwing up his hands and covering his eyes.

"Well, if you didn't want to see a vampyre, would you have come to the vampyre realm?" He laughed and scooped Alex up, who was still covering his eyes with his hands. Alex tried to get away, but didn't quite make it. The fanged man gently removed Alex's hands and made him look into his eyes by holding Alex and tilting Alex's head towards his.

"There, there, little one. Relax. Everything will be fine. Just relax."

As Alex looked into his eyes, he saw the most amazing things—fiery reds and oranges, soft blues and greens, happy yellows, soothing purples, all slowly swirling around the pools of wonderful colors that were the vampyre's eyes. Those colors made him forget the pressure of the vampyre's hand on his back, the danger of being so close to a monster like him. He slowly smiled and relaxed. He liked those colors. It was like those colors were drawing him into a little world of their own. They were the best colors in the world. And besides, that voice had been so nice...

"Now, little one, what's your name?"

"Alex," he said dreamily. Those colors were so wonderful. He would do anything for those colors. And that voice made him feel like he was drifting on a cloud.

"Alright, then, Alex. My name is Odysseus. Can you say that?"

"O-di-see-us," he murmured, still in that dreamlike, drifting state, eyes slowly closing and mouth opening in a yawn.

"Very good, Alex. How old are you?"

"I'm three. See? One, two, three," he said, holding up three fingers. But he was relaxed in doing so. So relaxed…mmm…

"I thought so." Then, hugging Alex gently, he said, "Now sleep. When you wake up, you'll have a long day ahead of you, and I wouldn't want you to be overwhelmed."

Alex leaned against him and closed his eyes, suddenly very sleepy. "I like you." It was true. He trusted this man. He made him feel so nice. Then he fell under the blackness of unconsciousness.

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