Pana ran for her life, making sure that the path was beneath her and the mist was thinner. It was, as long as she stuck to the path. If she could run fast enough, maybe she could outrun the vampyres.

Yeah, right.

Her feet flew, barely touching the gravel beneath her. Her eyes darted across, too busy watching who may be behind her to realize what was in front of her.

She only had time to register a thump and a flash of black before everything was moving too fast. All she saw was a misty gray, moving too fast to pick out any details. It lasted only a few seconds before she was thrown to the ground. She got up, despite her scratches, and turned around to face her nightmare.

In front of her was a boy her age. He had longish brown hair and a tan, but his mouth was slightly open and Pana could see the glint of fangs. He wore no cape, but his black shirt and pants were threaded through with silver. Pana had no doubt that it was real silver - they controlled so much land that they would have no problem getting plenty of precious metals, especially for the rich ones.

Actually, Pana wasn't sure about vampyre hierarchies, but her terrified brain didn't register that. She was too busy trying to find a way to get away to realize anything outside escape routes and immediate things about her attacker.

The few seconds that the vampyre had not moved were up. He said a single word, one Pana could not make sense of: rogue.

Then he turned into a black blur. Pana felt four simultaneous stabs in her neck, but they were gone after only a few seconds. Black crowded the edge of her vision.

But for some reason, she felt happy as she collapsed and the darkness overtook her.