It started on a date. Not like one of those ones on the movies where the character who has a bartending job goes to the fanciest restaurant in the city with a dozen roses and a suit more expensive than some people's cars. But a small cosy restaurant with screaming kids and disinterested waiters. So maybe it wasn't a great choice but it was affordable, easy to get to and served nice pizza. Okay so maybe there were some reasons behind why I never got a second date. Still I hadn't lost hope. Tonight's girl was a solid 7 and I am pretty sure her name ended with a y but I can't quite remember because the events that were to transpire wiped her pretty cleanly from my memory. I remember she was a pretty typical girl though bitchy, self-centred and shallow. The type who would get deeply offended if you pointed out if they didn't wear make-up they would look beautiful rather than like a clown. But anyway, she wasn't important, just an extra in the story of my life.

The girl, who might have been Casey or Amy had left to go to the bathroom. I was sitting at the table idly reading over the menu although it was rather redundant, I would order the meat lovers pizza as I always did. I looked around at the other people in the restaurant. Were they all as happy as they appeared or were they hiding their pain and anguish. It was on these sombre thoughts when a girl sat down opposite me. It wasn't Jenny or Poppy or whatever her name was. She was the strangest girl I have ever seen. Her skin was as pale as snow and almost faint, as if the right light she might disappear altogether. Her hair was a stunning dark violet and it was completely natural which made her look very unnatural.

"It's rude to stare," she said pointedly and helped herself to the last piece of barely edible garlic bread that had been sitting forlornly on the plate.

"I am sorry, but you can't sit here, I am on a date with someone," I replied.

The girl looked momentarily confused and then smiled, showing perfect white teeth, although they looked more like dolphin teeth than human. It was at this point that I started to think I might be seeing things.

"Oh her, don't worry about her, she's not coming back," she said and smiled again. There was something magnetic about her smile.

"What do you mean?" I stammered, although to be honest by this point I wasn't too fussed over Daisy, or was it Elly?

"She thought you were boring so she left. Her mistake. You aren't boring."

At this point the waiter walked over and asked if I was ready to order.

"A small meat lovers, thanks," I stammered after a moment. Even if Betty or was it Dotty, had left there was no reason for me to miss out on a nice pizza.

"Ooh, that sounds nice, can I have one too thanks," the strange purple haired girl said excitedly.

"Uh sure, ok a small meatlovers for her as well." The waiter gave me a very strange look, shook his head and walked off with his notepad.

"Oh sweetie, he can't see me." the girl said and for a moment her smile crumpled and such a haunted look passed over her eyes, she looked like a drowned puppy.

"So I am seeing things. What was in that garlic bread?"

The girl kicked me under the table. Hard. "I am real, he just can't see me."

"Why not?" I asked.

"He doesn't believe in me," she said sadly.

"Are you a ghost?"

"No, I am a Goddess," she looked completely serious as she said this so I nodded. I was unsure about the best course of action. Was this a large prank, was I going crazy or was this actually happening?

She sighed bitterly. "Let me guess, you are an atheist and want some proof or evidence. Well let's cut this short. I could turn into a toucan right now and your silly rational thinking would just claim there is a logical explanation. So for the sake of the argument. Let's just agree that I think I am a Goddess and you can make up your own mind later. Now I think we should leave, we don't have much time before they will get here." She spoke very rapidly and quietly and kept looking at the front door as if expecting a velociraptor to barge in at any second.

"If it is all the same to you, I think I will stay here and finish my pizza."

She rolled her eyes. They were a strange pale lavender and very bright, almost like you might see on a Japanese anime. "Pizza is not worth dying for!"

"Why am I going to die? No one is trying to kill me?"

"Look you just need to trust me, okay. Up until now you have led one sort of life, now you are about to lead a very different one."

"This is starting to sound like some sort of supernatural movie. Where you tell me there is a completely secret world existing full of vampires and werewolves and the like," I said, I was by now getting pretty hungry and really hoping my pizza would turn up soon. It did look like Becky or was it Penny had left but that was her loss. At least this date would be memorable after hanging out with this crazy chick but I was getting a bit concerned she might be dangerous.

"For a guy who is so into fantasy books you sure are hard to convince that you are about to be starring in one," she said.

"How do you know I like fantasy books?" I asked. "Well for one thing you are wearing a t-shirt with a dragon on it to a date, secondly I have been watching you for some time."

"You've been spying on me!" I said, trying to sound outraged although on the other hand I kind of liked the idea. People didn't usually seem to notice me at all.

"I wouldn't call it spying. It is not my fault you don't close the curtains."

"My room looks out onto woods, there usually isn't a need to."

"The point is we need to go. Now. They are coming and I don't want to lose you. Do you know how long I have been waiting? I can't afford to lose another one."

"Another what?" I said, feeling more and more bewildered and yet entranced by each word that came out of her perfect mouth. I should have been telling her to leave and calling the manager or even the police but the thought never even entered my head.

The front door of the restaurant opened and a priest and a nun entered. It was not often you saw priests and nuns entering restaurants still wearing their habit. However the girl's eyes went very wide. "Oh no," she whispered as if someone had just killed a kitten in front of her.

"They were even quicker than I expected. Please, we have to go, right now," she whispered so rapidly the words merged into each other.

"Okay, okay, let's go." I wasn't sure why I started whispering but it was difficult seeing her in such distress. She was clearly crazy and yet she wasn't. She grabbed my hand. It was cold and clammy and she gripped very tightly and pulled me out of my chair. The priest and the nun were looking straight at us. Their faces were grim, as if they were judging everyone within the establishment and finding them guilty of every sin that had ever occurred. There was an unnatural silence in the restaurant. It wasn't like everyone stopped and looked at us but all the patrons had stopped enjoying their food and were just sitting there awkwardly, almost uncomfortably. The lights seemed all at once to be extraordinarily bright. They hurt my eyes. The girl pulled at my hand and took off towards the kitchen without any pretence of subtlety. I followed after her mostly because I didn't want to lose my hand.

We burst through into the kitchen which was full of sizzling frypans and tasty smells. The cooks were too surprised to do more than shout at us before we ran out through another door into a hallway full of boxes and then another door bought us out into the cold, crisp air. We were standing in a dingy alleyway. Faded posters covered a brick wall and the concrete footpath had trickles of some unknown brown liquid across it. Before I could ask her what was going on she tugged me again down the alleyway. Turning around a corner to find piles of garbage and a dead end. The violet haired girl started swearing profusely, I was rather shocked to hear such language coming from her dainty little mouth. I turned to find the nun and the priest standing at the head of the alleyway. They looked very out of place and very creepy.

"Who are they?" I demanded, although it came out as more of a squeak. There was something very intimidating about them as if they radiated power.

"Angels, His minions. They want to kill you but I am not going to let them," she said sharply, pushing me behind her. It felt rather embarrassing to have such a tiny girl declaring she would protect me and I went to say something but before I could the priest and the nun suddenly began to shimmer with a vibrant, golden light. It was so bright I had to look away or be blinded. When I looked back there stood two beings which were clearly angels. They were tall and gorgeous and wearing suits of shining silvery metal. In their hands they held flaming swords and from their backs sprouted feathery wings. It might have been my imagination but I could swear I could hear the faint sound of trumpets and harps being played in beautiful melodies. This was getting weirder by the second.

They attacked in a blur of light. The purple haired girl though began to glow with ghostly lilac and black flames. She raised her hands and the angels swords were extinguished into wisps of grey smoke. They frowned in wrathful anger and one of them through a punch. Somehow she merely caught the angels hand and then slammed him into the wall. The other one leapt at her and they wrestled back and force for a moment before the other angel was also sent flying into the brick wall to collapse in a heap amongst the bags of garbage. The purple haired girl turned to me breathing heavily.

"Your faith is strong, maybe we have a chance," she said eyeing me up and down with a new look even though I had done absolutely nothing while she had blitzed two angelic warriors with her bare hands.

"Who are you?" I asked, astounded.

She pulled an errant strand of violet hair back behind her ear and smiled.

"You can call me Amethyst, I am the Goddess of Death and together we are going to have some fun."

Chapter 2 Bacchus/Dionysus God of Parties

"Are they dead?" I asked looking back at the fallen angels as Amethyst dragged me from the alleyway. Even as I watched their bodies started to shimmer and then collapse into motes of golden dust.

"No, they can't be killed because they are not alive, at least not like you are. They don't have cells or any of that biology stuff," she said, pausing at the curb to check for cars before crossing the dark, street.

I stammered some incoherent words of disbelief. My brain was telling me this was all a pile of rubbish but my eyes had seen what they saw and were not backing down.

"How does that work then?"

She shrugged her shoulders. "I don't know, something about light and energy, maybe magnets, it's not really important. The point is there will be more of them soon, we need to keep moving."

"Surely you should know how it works though?"

"Why? Do you know how an internal combustion engine works?" she asked scathingly.

"Uh, no, I guess not," I admitted, "speaking of cars though, I left mine back at the restaurant and it might be quicker than walking to wherever we are going. Where are we going by the way?"

"We will leave that infernal death trap behind. I have my own mode of transport and it is much faster."

Her words stung, I loved my little green car, but I guess I could pick it up tomorrow whenever this crazy adventure finished. We continued in silence for a bit. We were walking past rows of quiet houses. Their curtains drawn, their doors locked. Inside people were probably having a normal dinner and watching tv, oblivious to the world around them, how I missed that. The night air was chilly but Amethyst did not appear the least disturbed by it, despite the fact she was not wearing many layers. She was still holding my hand. It was kind of awkward but I was not going to let go. There was something intensely comforting about having her small, dainty fingers wrapped around mine.

It must have been at least an hour later when we stopped. By now we had walked right out of town. I had considered asking her again about what exactly we were doing but I assumed it would be just as fruitless as every other time I had asked her a question. Thoughts had flickered through my mind of a number of potential disasters that could occur from following a complete stranger out into the middle of nowhere on a dark night but something about her made me want to trust her. Almost as if she did turn out to be a slave dealer then it would have been worthwhile just to spend the time with her. That was a scary thought.

We stopped by a fence and she whistled loudly and within moments a majestic white horse trotted up.

"We are going by horse? How is that faster than my car?"

She gave me a withering look. "Riding biscuits will be considerably faster than that tin can."

"You cannot seriously have called him biscuits, that is a ridiculous name for a horse" I sniggered. The horse snorted at me and stomped his foot. With everything else that was going on I guess there was no reason the horse wouldn't be able to understand me.

"Apologise!" Amethyst demanded sharply. I sighed and apologised to Biscuits, however he kept looking at me in the evil way that horses do. Amethyst leapt onto his back easily and with her hand I swung up behind her. If you have ever rode double with a girl before you would know the immediate issue of where exactly do you put your hands. I carefully wrapped them around her stomach and she leaned back against me. It was intoxicating. She smelt strongly of lilacs and blackberries. She gave biscuits a kick. The horse didn't move. Everything else did.

When the skies stopped spinning like a roulette wheel everything had changed. We were now standing by a perfectly straight asphalt road cutting through a brown desert. It was no longer night but the scorching heat of midday.

"Where are we now?" I asked hesitantly hoping we were not suddenly on tattooine.

"Vegas, baby!" Amethyst cried.

"Uh, where?" I said looking around for some sign of civilisation.

"So Biscuits isn't perfect but there is no need to be mean about it. He does the best he can," she snipped and gave the white horse a scratch.

It took several hours to reach Las Vegas by horse. A large number of cars shot past us, their occupants giving us odd looks from their air conditioned interiors. I was quickly parched and sweltering while Amethyst seemed to not even notice the stifling heat. It must be a Goddess thing. We could soon see the looming buildings of the city. It was I thought a real testament to the human race to not only live but thrive in such a desolate wasteland.

"Won't people think it is a bit weird if we just ride down the main street?" I asked.

"I have told you, most people don't see me," Amethyst said, her voice tinged with bitterness.

"The people in the cars have been seeing us. I am surprised they haven't driven off the road," I replied.

"It is more complicated than that. Their eyes see us and send messages to their brain causing a cognitive conflict. Their brain gets a bit confused and generally tends to apply logical explanations for what their eyes have seen. They see someone riding a horse and they leave it at that, nothing special. Just like you don't see what I really look like."

"I don't?"

"No," she replied softly. "I like the way you see me better."

I was unsure what to say to this. The whole idea of not seeing what was really there was rather unsettling. Although from what I remembered from Physics classes I guess there was some scientific validity behind this. The colour of an object is really just the colour of light bouncing off the object and hitting your eyes. Objects themselves don't really have a colour but to our brains it makes a lot more sense to assign colours to objects.

We continued our ride into the city. It was glitzy, bright and crazy. Not really my sort of place at all. I shuddered to think how much electricity was being used with all these flashing neon signs. Amethyst halted suddenly outside a club and we dismounted. Biscuits seemed completely unperturbed by the cars, lights or flocks of people. He was a most unusual horse. I followed her inside. The bouncer at the front didn't seem to mind us ignoring the queue.

"Am I invisible to everyone too now or something?" I asked.

Amethyst sighed. "For the last time it is not invisibility. They just don't believe in me. Particularly in this city their disbelief is very strong. It sort of has an area of effect. Unless you go and punch him in the face he won't take much notice of anyone at the moment. You could say he is off with the fairies or daydreaming or something. This can't be news to you it happens to humans all the time.

"I didn't realise it was because supernatural beings were in close proximity."

"I take offence at that. I am completely natural," she said as we proceeded into the dark club. I didn't bother asking why exactly we were here because I knew I wouldn't get a useful answer. Even from a distance you could hear the deep throbbing of the bass but as we entered the dance floor it felt like sledgehammers hitting your skull. It was not so much music as noise. I was unsure how the people inside could stand it but maybe they had lost their sense of hearing. The place was packed with writhing, sweat covered bodies. Strobe lights flickered and flashed, creating optical illusions through the misty fog that was being pumped into the air. Overall this was pretty close to my idea of hell. Perhaps we were meant to be finding a demon?