In a darkened room, a group of somber faced middle aged gentlemen, had finished watching the press conference. As the head of the group turned off the display, he addressed the members.

"Thoughts gentlemen?"

"Certainly food for thought." Said one.

"I don't see how she's a threat…"

"This has to be CAST's doing. Their fingerprints are all over this. I know it."

"We don't know that for certain…"

"Then how do you explain how this Bianca was fast tracked by the Citadel with no objection whatsoever?"

"Maybe she's a rogue who got lucky."

"Bullshit! This has to be that Major's doing. I knew when he inquired about that terrorist sting he would be a problem!"

"What about how he treated Wheelson a few months ago?

"GENTLEMEN!" said the leader, calling the group to order. "Let's not jump to conclusions. Our best bet at this stage is to keep tabs on this Bianca and see what happens. Once we formally take over the administration next week, we can watch her more closely. Also keep in mind that we already have a mole inside CAST, who can make further inquiries if needed." He then brought up a photo of Henry Wheelson, the administrations direct liason to CAST.

"I second your motion with an addendum. "said one member from the end of the table. Immediately, he reactivated the display, and paused at the man who interrupted the press conference. "It would be wise to make an alliance with True Light ministries if this young lady acts 'troublesome.'"

"I… see." Said Mr. Sands, the President Elect. "See if you can make contact with the True Light."

"Sir… I don't think it's a good idea to bring Brother Bob…"

"UNOFFICIALLY of course. The enemy of my enemy and all that…"

"Of course."

"Fine." Said the President Elect.

And so, Bianca was accepted onto the team.

But her adventures were just beginning.