Hey, everyone! This isn't a real update...I'm sorry.

But I am uploading this filler chapter with good news. I am back! I have just finished editing my chapters, although I'll be the first to admit they still need deeper work. They are, however, better off than they were originally. All the chapters have been fairly evened out, as far as length goes. I haven't changed much at all, if anything, story content-wise. I just fixed some plot-holes and grammatical errors. I basically just moved different events to different chapters, so as to add some consistency to my already spontaneous life.

As I have nothing left in my notebooks (from a literal year ago lol), I am now currently plotting out where I want the story to go from here. There should be a real update by the end of the weekend. Thanks again for reading and following, if any of y'all are left, lol.