I can barely send emails now

I always stay in and I never go out

Relying on kindness, I open my mouth

Like a baby bird, and I always sit down

No more no more I just wanna go home

But home's not real, so you can't really go

Got friends with bail and checks that I owe

I can't pull you up, we'll sink down below

I'm not your mom, I'm still just a kid

I don't really like you, but I wish I did

I don't have the courage, not one little bit

To fight for me, or to even give a shit

I still listen to sad songs, Marina still hits,

I wanna go HOME but it's off-limits

Go home go home I just wanna go

My best friends are my wireless earphones

Don't go don't go oh god don't go

Wish you'd stop trying to die

(But I kinda wanna know...)

I'm tired of being a mommy to three

You always call me up, but you never thank me

I'm begging you all just go to therapy

And eat your damn food, that's all I wanna see