awaiting the sunlight and summer breeze, buckled in the back of grandma's car
and listening to the oldies blasting from the radio.

you wait for the sound of waves, and the echo of lawn mowers
and large trucks in the distance.

you ache for open windows at 3am and how bright the stars glow and the
sound of crickets and loons to keep you company at such an hour.

you crave 6am and being 5 years old, standing in the window watching
the sky turn blue; how everything seemed to echo at 30 feet up in the air
as you peered over the tree tops and never had a care in the world.

the creaking of swings on a sunny day in grade primary, being alone and
watching the sun shine off the ocean in the distance as the wind blew
past your ears creating a symphony only you could hear.

when you used to sneak out of bed with your teddy bear and listen
to mum and dad downstairs watching 'grown up' tv, sitting on grey carpeted stairs
the law and order and ER theme songs are still playing in your head,
in your dreams.