Summary: Cindy has always been afraid of creatures of the night. Can an awkward vampire, a (slightly) insane shapeshifter, and a shy ghost change that?

Cindy looked around nervously, her blond hair pulled back in a braid. She was twenty and average looking, a few freckles here and there, tannish skin, brown eyes. She was no great beauty. But what counted was the inside. She was kind, helpful (some of the time), generous, and sweet. She was smart and didn't put others down. There was just one major flaw to her.

She was scared sick of the supernatural. And the town she had just moved to was famous for sightings of the supernatural.

Why did I have to move here? I'm going to die from fear! She very well knew why. Her company was expanding, and Cindy had been one of their best workers. They wanted her out in the field, making way for the newbies. She worked as a manager at Chez Roland (Chez pronounced Shay), a French restaurant run by a big corporation.

So this is my new hometown. Her house was big and grand, nothing at all like the apartment she had had back in Chicago. Almost all the houses were like that. She had gotten her new home cheap. Something about a surplus in supplies and it being old.

She turned back to the moving van. "Alright, let's get this stuff inside."


Work sweet work. I hate this place.

Cindy looked around mournfully at the office space they had given her. Tiny, cramped, with barely enough room for a desk and a chair. She sighed.

Alright. Let's look at the specials they have coming up, shall we?


Cindy stumbled outside on the first day of work, two days after she had moved. She had had to work late (again), and it was already dark. She needed sleep. Maybe she could just sit down for a minute...

Then she realized what time it was.

Fear overtook her. She thought, Forget sleep. I need to get home! But...

She suddenly realized she was lost. After just five minutes.

Oh, for goodness' sake...

Her second thought was, I'm going to die out here.