The Dark Night


I am a vampyre, a creature of the night. Most of my days are spent during the middle of the night living on the edge. A lot of my life is a wonder to the many people who don't know me. And then there are those who do know me, and know how deadly I can be. So, yes there are more vampyres out there in the world, but we are not the only creatures of the night. The other creatures of the night are the Loupgarou and Densusviri.

Loupgarous are the ones we fear. Why? We don't know. All we do know is to be weary of Loupgarous. Loupgarous are creatures of the night which responds to the moon. In other words, they are werewolves. To us, Loupgarous are deadly and show no mercy. They kill almost anything in their path. We have been known of their existence since the beginning of time. How? Not many know the history because we tend to think of them as legends. But, even we hear rumors from the elders of the vampyres and it's hard to discredit the elders when it's known they wouldn't lie to the many of us. So, without much doubt a lot of us trust the word of the elders.

Densusviri, the creatures we know as the unknown. We, vampyres and loupgarous, do not know much of their existence. For the Densusviri, they are creatures whom watch from the sidelines waiting until it's their time for them to join us. We don't know how to find the Densusviri but it has been said that when vampyres or loupgarous are in need of some importance, they will show their appearance. Although, it has been over hundreds of centuries since the last war between the Vampyres and Loupgarous, there were rumors and stories going around it were the Densusviri who helped stop the previous war.

We are the creatures of the night. We all live to survive. But for me, I live to find peace and serenity. Not everyone can be like me because there are others who can be even deadlier than I. I am Alyssa Sinclair, a vampyre. For this is my world…

A/N: Hello everyone! I am going through a repost of this story and rewrite! Hopefully everyone enjoys this short prologue! Please R&R too! Thanks!

Vampyres = Vampires
Loupgarou (Lou-ga-roo) = Werewolves (Transformation are wolves.)
Densusviri (Den-su-vi-ri) = Shadow Creatures

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