Chapter 3: Allies or Enemies?

When Alyssa and Kyle reached Alyssa's apartment, being two doors away, she noticed her door was slightly left ajar. Kyle grabbed Alyssa's arm, he knew and hoped it was wrong.

"Stay here. You're injured. I'll go check." He whispered to her softly holding her back hoping she'd listen as he took one step past her.

"Injured or not, it's my place. I'll go or we can both go. Choose one and deal with it." She said stubbornly taking a step passed him towards her door.

He huffed softly and followed behind her quietly as they both reached the front door and she pushed opened the door softly. The door squeaking quietly as the door opened, they stepped inside as she noticed her place was turned upside as if they were looking for something. She sighed getting the strangest gut feeling she wasn't going to have a moments rest.

Stepping inside her apartment with Kyle following in tow avoiding the mess that was made on the ground.

"Did you make any enemies recently?" Kyle whispered to her quietly stepping away from her and walking towards her kitchen.

She shook her head no walking towards her bedroom as she went into her closet noticing her hidden door had not been opened. Hearing Kyle's footsteps coming towards her bedroom she opened the door and took out a necklace and put it on around her neck.

The necklace wasn't any ordinary one. She knew it was bound to happen where someone or something were going to come after her for it. The necklace was an important item which held the key to the history of all the supernatural beings. Over a long period of time, she had been the caretaker to the key where all their history was located. It would be full of information which could be used against any supernatural being.

Kyle quietly knocked on her bedroom door before stepping in and Alyssa standing up from her closet with one of her duffle bags in her hand as she began packing what she needed.

"Alyssa, we need to go. We shouldn't stay here much longer." He said noticing the necklace, knowing what it was but saying nothing of it.

"I know. I am packing and then leaving here. I would love to sit down and catch up, but it seems like we won't be able to." She responded sadly as she finished packing and grabbed her katana which was also hiding with her necklace in her closet as she put it over her shoulder carrying it on her back.

Suddenly, she caught the smell of vampyres within the vicinity. She hissed softly as she found her spare keys for her car that was sitting out in the apartment parking lot. She sighed softly as she walked up to Kyle and hugged him.

"I'm sorry things turned out this way." She mumbled softly while hugging him as he hugged her back.

"Things never seem to go the way we want it to either." He mentioned as he held her close placing his chin on the top of her head for a short while before pulling away and opened the door to her car.

"You need to leave. I'll stay behind and try to get them off your tail." He mentioned, smiling softly as he held the door for her before she slid into the driver's seat, pressing down the clutch and turning on the car. Putting her Nissan 240 into gear, she drove away looking in the rearview mirror leaving Kyle behind as she noticed two pairs of glowing crimson eyes in the distance running towards Kyle. She kept driving until suddenly, she whipped her car quickly to the left and stepping on her brakes. Then putting her car into gear as she floored the throttle, picking up speed as she saw them fighting the closer she got to Kyle and the other two vampires. She noticed Kyle as she moved into the opposite lane and did the same maneuver hitting the two vampires with the rear of the car as she stopped and unlocked the door with the passenger window already rolled down.

"Get in!" She yelled at Kyle as he quickly opened the door and sat in the passenger seat as he pulled his seat belt as she launched her car seeing the vampires in the rearview mirror getting back up and not pursuing them.

Kyle sighed and glanced over at Alyssa before leaning his head back on the headrest with his eyes closed. "Why did you come back? I thought I told you to leave?"

Shifting into fifth gear she glanced over to him before looking back and paying attention to the road. "Well, I wasn't going to leave my best friend behind, especially when I haven't seen him in years. And if they come after me then it's fine. I can manage it when the time comes. For now, get some sleep in. You look like you need it. I'll wake you if we need to switch drivers or if I've stopped for the night."

He glared at her choosing not to argue and instead closed his eyes, leaning his head back on the head rest, choosing to listen to her and rest for a short while.

She turned to see if he had fallen asleep and sighed as she drove away out of the city, headed towards the mountains to her cabin, hoping she would find time to figure out what she should do next knowing it would be a 20 minute drive until they reached her cabin.

Alyssa pulled into her cabin as she put her car into neutral and pulling the emergency brake up to keep the car from moving as she nudged Kyle to wake him up. "Wake up, we're at my cabin. We should get some rest until we figure out what to do next." She said grabbing her bag from behind her seat as she tossed it over her right shoulder walking towards the front door hearing Kyle close the passenger door when she opened the front door. She glanced behind her seeing him walking up as she turned her head back and went into the living room. She sat her bag down beside the couch as she plopped herself onto the couch, lying down as she stared up at the ceiling.

From Kyle's peripheral vision he saw Alyssa plop herself on the couch as he closed the front door and locked it. He walked himself over to the recliner sitting diagonally across from the couch.

"Alyssa, we need to talk." Kyle said sitting upright facing her with a glooming expression.

Alyssa closed her eyes and exhaled before moving to sitting up on the couch facing him. "What did you want to talk about?"

He looked at her seriously and leaned forward with his arms bent and resting on his knees. "I have no idea how to tell you this but it was coincidence we met again." His expression becoming more saddened and ashamed.

She tilted her head slightly and looked straight at him moving to sit upright. "What are you talking about?"

He sighed softly, relaxing his tense shoulders. "I was supposed to keep you occupied when we met at the bar. But, I didn't expect you to be needing blood and then head back to your apartment so quickly. I was buying time for the vampyres who were there. They knew if I met you after not having seen each other for five years, we would most likely be sitting down, talking for a while. There's a coven of vampyres after you and I was their bait to also get to you." He watched carefully for Alyssa's expression but he didn't notice any change in her demeanor except for her eyes beginning to glow red, knowing she was getting upset.

She exhaled and stood up clenching her fists trying to keep her temper in check. "So all this time, you've been with a coven. Whose coven?" She said crossing her arms looking down at him sitting.

"Korenev. Look Alyssa, I know you're upset but I need you to trust me. I didn't want to do this but I didn't have a choice. There's a lot going on that you don't know about." He said getting up trying to stay calm and explain to her what was going on and about to happen.

She hissed at him uncrossing her arms glaring at him. "Why should I believe you? You've been gone and out of my life. I have no real reason to believe you at all. I know who you were before you left. Now, I have no idea who you are." Anger flowing out of her voice as she grabbed her bag and was about to walk away before Kyle appeared up in front of her holding her place by grabbing her arms.

"I haven't changed one bit. Yes, I've been gone but I never wanted to leave. I know you still trust me." Kyle continued to gain her trust as she didn't want to listen to him and instead pushed him back then punched him in the jaw.

He hissed at her knowing she was only fighting him in anger. He needed her to calm down before they both end up hurting each other more than they should. His eyes began to glow a crimson red as he rushed towards her, pushing her up against the wall, pinning her arms together.

"I get it, you're angry and don't want to trust me right now. But I am the only person who is able to help you and the one person you know you can trust." His voice growing huskier and deeper the more serious his tone got as he looked her in the eyes, seeing the glow disappear as she calmed down.

Glancing between her eyes and lips, he leaned in kissing her softly on the lips. Not expecting the kiss from Kyle, it took her a moment before she relaxed in his arms and responded to his kiss. He loosened his grip on her arms, slowly moving his hand to her hips as she wrapped her arms around his neck, as he slid his tongue slowly along her bottom lip, as if he was asking her for permission to enter her mouth. She opened her mouth wider, letting him slide his tongue, meeting her tongue as she moaned softly and he cupped her butt cheeks before picking her up as she instinctively wrapped her legs around his waist. He moved them both to the bedroom, laying her down on the bed, pulling her shirt and bra off. Both of their eyes were glowing once again out of their sexual arousal.

Moving her hands underneath his shirt, feeling his tone body and pulling his shirt off. On her back he moved his hand and unbuttoned her jeans, pulling down her panties and jeans. Feeling his fingers between her legs, feeling at her clit, she moaned deeply at the feel of him sliding his fingers slowly, as she arched her back, moaning deeply. She pulled away from him and kissed him deeply as he moved to lie on his back as she straddled his waist, grinding against him. Hearing him moan, turned her on even more as she bent down, moving her hand above his crotch seeing he was still wearing his jeans. She moved off his waist and between his legs as she undid his jeans and pulled them off with his boxers letting his cock show. Pulling it into her hands as she rubbed his shaft slowly up and down, licking his shaft's head, and teasing him slowly.

"Ahh… Alyssa…" He moaned her name as she smiled and he pulled her up and flipped her onto the bed as he slid between her legs. He leaned down and kissed her softly and sweetly, the first time she really noticed in his eyes the affection he had for her.

"Alyssa… we can stop here if needed. Just tell me to stop and we will." Pulled out of her thoughts and moments of pleasure she nodded.

"We should stop before we do something we regret now." She mumbled softly unsure if they should continue.

He nodded and laid down beside her pulling her into his arms as she rested her head on his chest. "I'm sorry, things turned out this way for the both of us." He mumbled quietly as he held her.

"It's um… It's okay. I'm sorry for snapping at you earlier. I should have trusted you instead."

"No, it's not your fault. You had every right to not believe or trust me either. I'm glad you did though. But for now, get some sleep. Sounds like we are going to have a long day tomorrow."

She nodded softly as she fell asleep beside him as he pulled the blanket up and over the both of them. Before falling asleep, he hoped things would turn out better than what he had went through, telling himself he would be there for her and protect her.

In the middle of the night, she stirred softly as if she felt something inside the cabin. Waking up slightly feeling Kyle's arms wrapped around her as she pulled away from him. Grabbing her clothes which were scattered on the ground as she walked out of the bedroom. She felt a cold wind chill behind her as she turned around to see a dark shadowed figure going between the walls outside to the back balcony. She opened the door and went outside as she saw someone standing at the corner of the balcony.

"Hello Alyssa Sinclair." He spoke first before letting her even ask who he was as he turned around and faced her.

"You've no idea who I am but I know who you are. I am here to help and protect you until this war is over." He mentioned to her as she took a step forward.

"Are you what I think you are? A densusviri?" She asked curiously as she kept her stance ready in case anything was to happen.

"Yes, but I shall answer your questions another time. Right now, I believe your friend is about to wake up." He said, about to shift and disappear as she stopped him with one last question.

"Wait… what's your name?"

"Kahn. Kahn Hardin."

He disappeared soon after giving his name as she looked around and hearing Kyle come outside with his clothes on as he stood behind her.

"Everything alright?" Kyle asked her as he looked at her concerned.

She nodded in return. "Yeah… I'm alright."

"Come on, let's go inside and get some sleep before the sun comes up." He said as he pushed her inside and closed the door behind them as they both went back to the bedroom, going back to sleep.

In the distance above a tree was Kahn. He had been watching her for a long time waiting for the moment when he knew she was going to need his help. He was told the moment she was born as a human and became a vampyre, he was the one to watch over her, because she would be the one to end the feud between vampyres and loupgarous.

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