** I realize that this poem isn't THAT great but it still hits home every time I read it and I figured I'd share it with all of y'all. Feel free to leave a review and let me know what you think - hate it or love it. ~Charly


As I stand I see a girl standing sad in her world.

Standing there with a care of what's to pass

And what's so near.

How to be and what to say are pressures of her present day.

Her pretty smile and loving eyes have gone away into something that's dull today.

As I stand I see that girl look straight ahead,

Past my eyes and past my head.

Past her world of what's to come

And hopeful of the present one.

Crying out every day afraid of what's to come her way;

Never knowing the truth about a world of peace and love.

As I stand by myself I see that girl do the same

And as I stand I see her think about the world ahead and a happy place.

But as I stand I look straight ahead and that girl I see reflects back on me,

And I realize that that girl is me!

Like a mirror without life,

I see me stand alone and in the dark, a happy place.

A time spent all alone.

You see my pain forsaking me, a dim light fading out.

For I am crying out all of my heart,

And she does the same out loud.

With these tears, a cry, a burden.

Upon her shoulder a deathtrap ready to kill.

In our hearts we'll never know what these stories can tell.

But within our soul is the one who knows it all.