Snow. Snow falls all around me. It sticks to my eyelashes, melts on my lips. My hair feels stiff with the stuff. Someone is lying beside me, a protective arm around my waist, but due to the haze in my brain, I don't know who it is. I don't know anything anymore. All I know is snow.

The person stirs beside me, and I hear the faint sound of a voice. I can't tell what it's saying, but it sounds pleasant. Deep, commanding. I stir slightly, and give a small moan. I can barely move my body, let alone open my eyes. I faintly hear the voice encouraging me to wake up, but I can't. I'm just too tired.

The voice lifts me into their arms, and I feel the jabbing pain running through my body as they move. My breath comes out as a soft moan, as I try to tell the person with the deep voice how much it pains me to walk. But they don't seem to get the message. They walk quickly, and I have no idea where they are going.

Soon I simply black-out again.

I feel heat, penetrating the cold that has consumed my body. I feel my strength ever so slowly creeping back into my limbs. I roll over onto my side, sighing heavily as I do. The haze in my brain is slowly drifting away, but I still don't know where I am.

I hear footsteps. The closer they get, the more nervous I am. I slowly roll onto my back again, and gently open my eyes, lifting my hand to shield them from the sudden light. A man is there, sitting next to me on the bed. He has kind eyes, and a soft, gentle face. His light brown hair frames the top of his face, and his eyes seem to pierce mine, searching for something. I blink a few times and slowly sit up.

"How are you feeling?"

A warm, gentle hand is placed on my forehead, then rests on my cheek, burning my skin with the contact. It feels wonderful.

"Confused," I breath, leaning into him for support as I close my eyes. I feel the man shift by me, moving closer. Before I can react, his lips gently caress mine. I don't seem to remember this man, but something inside of me ignites, and I easily respond to his touch.

His skin is just as soft as it looked. As his other hand rests on my waist, his touch suddenly seems cooling, not burning. My skin is burning on it's own, his hand on my cheek cooling it. As we kiss, he coaxes me more, and easily I give in. I'm crazy for kissing someone I don't know, but . . . for some reason it just feels so . . . natural.

He pulls back, and all I want is to close the gap and feel the warmth once more. "Gloria," he whispers, running his hand through my hair, "Gloria." I hum in response, leaning into him and resting my head on his shoulder. My body pressed against his helps bring some of the warmth back. It's quickly slipping away from me. "Gloria, I need to ask you something."

I assume I'm supposed to be Gloria, so I answer. "What something?"

"Do you love me?"

Something tells me this is a very strange question, but I answer the best I can. "I have something to confess," I say softly. I can feel him sigh heavily. "It's Ricard, my brother, isn't it?"

"Hmm? Oh, no . . . , I um . . . I don't remember anything. Not even my name." The man pulls me back from him, studying my face. He seems to be in utter shock. "What?" He asks so quietly I almost can't hear. I feel his thumb tracing along my high cheekbone. I take a deep breath and look into his eyes. Then suddenly I'm dizzy, remembering things that happened before. His face, smiling at me. Snuggling close to him in front of a fire. Kissing him in the rain.

"But I remember you . . ." I breath, leaning into his touch. "Your name is Cartour. And I'm in love with you."

Hey everyone! So this is something I found that I wrote a while back, and decided it might make a cute one-shot. I doubt I will ever turn it into a full-out story, but if enough people really really want me to (like, at least ten) then I might just do that! :)

Hope you enjoyed it!

Angel Princess 31