Chapter Two: One hour before.

Darren spread the book over the table, his mind not-working to figure the riddle out.

"Oh, I has already attempted to solve the zee riddle at the front page. Its too hard." A sigh, and a toss of the book "Oh well, back to Kancolle then..."

His companions beside him were noticeably displeased, each trying to frown but couldn't. Azriel was the exception in this scenario, his tone of voice matching his unpleasant facials.

"But the back page says that the One with the correct name will be able to..." A mutlitude of coughings. "And you are the only one left..."

"Well, sorry then. I only believe in the Azriel that doesn't believe in me."

"Ergh, thats getting old..."

"So as the A van joke too."

"Silence mortal, vans are always a novelty."

"I hate you guys."

"Yeah, we all know you do."

As the group bickered over the subject of Avan's nickname, Darren grew distant from them, eyes only interested in checking out the newest model.

"Ah...this ship is a must...grinding here I come..."

The matter of the book dropping from the sky and the voice commanding them did not faze him as much as the updates did, and the fuzz made was unexpected too. Conversations with Kia Hwee made for more confusing discussions, and certainly IGN'd 10/10 books from the sky.

Speaking of which...

The image of Kia Hwee blurred past the corner of Darren's eye, faster than the change of name to Ckh (because the author was too lazy).

Upon immediate identifiation of the strange creature, the group wasted no time in grabbing Ckh from the neck down, pinning his head against the table in less than a second.

"Da heck? The hell are you doing?"

The response from the group was none, but theorycrafting automatically arose with Ckh next to the book.

"You suspect a connection between me and the book, don't you."


The conclusion became definite to them now, a strange strange prank made by a stranger person. And then it sank in.

"I can't draw."

Ckh said the answer for them, flipping the elaborate designs on each individual page.

"And don't think I would pay someone to do this either."

Almost instanteously, the group let go of Ckh's neck, and went beating the first who suggested it as such, using one of Ckh's bad comics as a weapon even.

"Now that this is out of the way..." Ckh picked the book up with both hands, struggling and then finally flipping to the front page. The easiness of the riddle shocked him.

"Hey! I think I know the answer to this."

And the group rushed over, leaving the injured guy on the floor.


"0.24097593, thats the amount of nonsense the front page has."

A pen laid by the table conviently and Ckh picked it up, writing the said words on the answer space.

"But how you do know this? I mean, if you get it wrong, le god shall smite all of us..."

A devilish grin appeared on that face, and the answer prompted a kill.

"I don't. I'm just inputing my own opinion."

A flash of light illuminated the entire room, and everyone sworn they died, but they still lived, and all strangled Ckh.




Without anyone else noticing, the book had flipped itself into a particular section, the section that said "light novel-adventure to greatness".

Darren, still uninterested by the offer unknowingly placed his phone on the line titled "place Darren's phone as activator here, only awakened if Ckh's palm is on the book".

An adventure, though great was too much of a task for him, the real-life grinding sending shivers down his spine.

It would be only ten seconds later that he recognized the fine print, but ignored it nevertheless.

Ckh wouldn't be type of person to touch a glowing book without checking the fine print...right?


A palm slammed onto the book, Ckh explaining himself for the previous situation.

"My conjecture was based off good reason too..."

The increasing sound of whirlwinds overode Ckh's voice and Darren looked at Ckh funny.



Ckh looked briefly at the words on the page, and that enough was able to make him gulp his own his saliva.

"Oh god no."

"Curse you Kia Kia!" The confused group caught on a few seconds late, each throwing an insult too.

As the room turned golden and everything turned spiraly, all that Darren could hope for was that he could be bestowed OP abilities...and Kia Kia be damned...