The familiar that stood beside Darren seemed displeased by the summon, his cold eyes analying his friend's every pattern.

"I had hoped that you wouldn't discovered this function, but alas..."

The voice grew striking.

"I have no choice but to oblige, don't I?"

The grave situation dawned on the unwillingly familar, and Darren stepped forward and explained the plan.

"I don't have any." The truth was said. "I was hoping for more OP abilities to defeat Neko chan, but..."

The appearance of his familar disappointed him.

"I know, I wanted more too..." The familar lamented then paused for a while, his mind crossing out all the possiblities.

"But how do you know I don't have any?"

"Bwah?" The concept of looks and deceit crept into Darren's mind. "Well, its not like I can check..."

His familar facepalmed and pointed at the box hovering his head.

"You can check here. Under the title." The familar paused again. "I share 70% of your summoner's view and yet I noticed it faster than you..."

Grunting, Darren commanded the window to open and it did, the stats flowing to him like crazy once it did.

[Weak flame of the Pyromancer] It said on the top right side of the screen. [Level 5]

And its stats were:

[HP: 500/500]
[True Magic: 100/5000]
[Reflexes: 2/10]
[Vitality: 10/100]

[Rank: 9127th]

The box of stats were consumed entirely by Darren, and he looked at the description beneath the layer of paragraphs.

[The Pyromancer exists in many realities, each taking form in certain familars around the universe of 'Seria']

The redundant lines were skipped through.

[The weak flame is a product of one's imagination and desire, and such can only be summoned under strict conditions.]

The sacrifice came back to Darren, and he restrained from crying again.

[Despite the title 'weak flame', this familar has a great potential for evolution, and thus has the status 'the stand', effects unknown, but unlocked once evolution is peaked]

The rest of the descriptions bored Darren and his familar turned to look at Neko chan, wondering how the hell he was suppose to distract such a beast.

"Good news Kia Kia, You are a wizard."

The lines came out wrong, and Darren on nontheless.

"Manipulator of fire, catalyst for evolution!"

"And summon of you."

Ckh grumbled, the golden barrier emitted from the contract not holding much longer.

"Oh come on, you would had done the same too."

Ckh shrugged.


The golden barrier started breaking.

"So, what do we do now?"

"Burn it with fire."

Neko chan came charging as Ckh felt the slightest inkling of fire in his body.

A skill appeared in front of Darren and the following words were said out loud without shame.

"Use [Fire punch]!"