Lying here looking up at the night sky

I see it shimmering up so high.

Gleaming with joyous happiness.

The smell of Freedom rings in the air

And people all sing with care.

With the love of a thousand suns

We see it sparkle on.

Swaying in the wind and singing that glorious song.

The love we have for our country shows among the rest.

Our little symbol of happiness shows that we're the best.

We live life freely; we live life without a doubt

Because the American flag definitely stands out.

* I wrote this poem for my senior year of high school back in 2008 for a friend's English class. Now, I don't necessarily 100% agree with this poem; nor do I disagree with this poem. I'm more or less indifferent. Everybody has their own opinion on politics, America, the world, etc. and I 100% value THAT. I know my boyfriend would love this though, him being a Marine and all, but please feel free to review it and let me know what you all think!