In the depths of our heart

There you will find me

Lost as can be upon the sea of silence.

Sitting there with a burden

But never to share.

I lost connection with morality

Which could only keep me further apart

From the light in which I still do see.

In this madness, this silence,

That which engulfs to the core of the center

I feel lost and rigid in my desire;

To come back from these lonely,

Unlivable depths of my nightmares.

These unseemly wonders that have caught my

Attention and captured the innovations

Of unspeakable silence.

Never have I traveled so far out to sea

Only to realize that I have drowned in my own

Incapability to resurface.

But apart from the rest I still walk

Frigidly remorse of how to go on.

Seeing Shadowed eyes and blinded by the desire to defrag

My inner life

But yet,

Silenced by the sound of my own screaming.

And in these depths

Far out in the sea

I'm sullen, too laid to rest.

So I guess…

Just let me be.


Stuck in the depths of eternity,

Sailing upon this lonely sea of silence.

*I actually wrote this not that many years ago. This poem still captures my attention. Initially when I was in college a few years back I took a creative writing course and a Literature course. We read a lot of poems from famous authors and it made me wonder: how do these people take something so simple and make it into such a complex poem? The idea always fascinated me. I'm not now nor have I ever been miraculous at writing poems but the idea of taking something and forming it into a vulnerable state of words - one which anyone can interpret their own way - truly fascinated me. Which is where this poem comes from.

It comes from the depths of my mind. How I feel. What I see. What I know.
But you can take it and see it as anything you want. That's why I worded it the way I did - to get something.

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