Silence. Many people long for it. They desire it. Me? I hate it. It's on a list of things I hate. Yeah, that's right, I've got a list. Don't judge me.

Silence really bugs me because I'm almost always surrounded by different sounds. The crashing waves on a near by reef, the swimming of different fish and marine life around me. To some, that sounds annoying. But to me, it's beautiful. It just lets me know that I'm not alone in this cruel ocean I live in.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention this. I'm a Hermit Crab. And before you ask, yes it gets annoying walking sideways. That's another thing on my list. Walking sideways is such a disadvantage to me. I can easily be attacked from behind and not be prepared. Plus it's hard to turn around. Well, at least I have my claws to protect me.

Claws are very useful. I can pick thinks up. I can snap at fish or other animals who get too close. I can even pinch stupid humans who step on me when I'm near the beach. Those claws are a real gift from the creator. I pity any creature without them.

Humans are creatures I really dislike. They are on the list. Actually, they ARE the list practically. I hate how they never mind their own business. They always want to bother us animals or take us away to do who knows what with us. They are a plague on this planet, like a disease. Pinching them with my claws just won't make them go away though.

Today, I woke up to the usual sounds of the day. The fanatic swimming of nearby fish and the scuttling of busy crabs.

I poke my eye stocks out my shell to check for danger. Once it seemed the coast was clear, I crawled out. I began searching the sea floor for a quick breakfast.

Now, I'm not a picky eater. I've even eaten some human food that washed ashore on a beach. That gave me food poisoning though. Blah. However, I prefer some form of plant. Seaweed is usually my diet. And that is what I have found to eat.

After finishing that, I head towards the beach, or the "main land" as some crabs I know like to call it. It's pretty big, largest one I've ever seen. The only one I've ever seen actually. As I scurry up out of the water I freeze in my tracks. There is a flock of white birds right in front of me. If they see me, I'm dead.

I slowly back into the water, so that they don't notice me. Hopefully I can slip back to the safety of the sea before being seen. Unfortunately, things aren't going my way.

One of the birds looks my direction and makes one of those annoying caw lives and flys towards me.

I quickly try to get run but end up falling on my back. Bad move. Now my underside is exposed. I quickly retreat into my shell for safety as the bird grabs me with his sharp beak. Now I feel really bad for not changing my shell last night.

Bang! He slams me into the ground. Bang! Bang! Apparently my shell is tougher than I thought. Maybe I'll be alright. Wait. Is he... No! He's flapping his wings! He's going to fly up real high and drop me. This isn't good.

As I feel slightly weightless from the bird lifting me up, I start to think about my life. All my accomplishments. Oh wait, I have none. Well, I would count staying alive but seeing as I'm probably going to die, that's probably not a good accomplishment. I rarely find a mate during mating season. I always get the worst shells. My life is full of more disappointments then accomplishments. That really makes me sad. Then I feel a sudden drop. This is it. Good by cruel world.


...Am I dead? I open my eye stalks and look straight into the eyes of a giant. Well, giant to me. It's a human boy. He must have catches me before I hit the ground. The boy looks at me weirdly, like he's never seen a crab before. Normally I'd snap at a human for touching me. But for some strange reason, I don't.

The boy carefully puts me back into the ocean and quickly runs away. Then I quickly retreat deeper into the sea. Ask scuttle back to my usual sleeping spot, I wonder why that human saved me. He didn't have to do that. Maybe humans aren't so bad after all. I'll have to rearrange my list.