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The Making of Twisted

:Bree Wellings

(August 2012)

The New Normal


That's how Tristan was viewed at home. No one talked about him; it was weird for someone who was once in my everyday life being pulled away. It was like he died. I hated it, it made my chest hurt just thinking about all the yelling and fighting that happened over the last little while. I worried about Tristan all the time, it upset me that mom didn't even want to talk about him to me when Dad wasn't around. It was like he had never existed in the first place.

I spent most of the summer at my friend McKenzie's house, she didn't asked why I came over a lot and that was good for me because I really didn't want to talk about it. I think it bothered her mom and dad but they never said anything. The only thing I hated about their house was the family pictures on the wall. They all looked so happy to be together, it was the exact opposite in my house. I had to hide in the bathroom and wipe away tears a few times after looking at the pictures. It was hard enough looking at pictures in the house that had been ripped so that Tristan's face was not in them. I still had a few stashed away in my room. My favorite was in my notebook that I took with me everywhere, it was of Tristan holding me when I was only about two years old on Christmas day. He has this toothy grin and holds me tightly against him, and I'm smiling up at the camera.

Oh I wish things could be good again.

I don't know if they ever will be.

Daddy would drink all the time, and all he did was yell. He'd get upset if I said something back at him when he'd start talking bad about Tristan. He'd get so angry that he would raise his hand to slap me but he'd get this look on his face and he'd stop. I didn't understand why that he would do this. He was full of anger one minute and then the next it sadness. I don't get it.

I hope Tristan was having a better time living with Uncle Landen than I was living with mom and dad, Uncle Landen was always super nice I just hope he was okay living with Aunt Brenda, she was kind of scary. Cody was too, I didn't like him too much he always was tall and intimidating. I never liked being in a room with him. His big frame reminded me of my dad.

I don't know if I'll ever understand my dad, everything that he's done since the picnic has been stupid or mean. Today would probably be no different. I was on my way home from McKenzie's to get dinner. Dad would be home. I didn't really want to go home and eat but my mom was making me. She even told me she'd take my phone if I didn't come home, so I came home. I road my bike down the road close to our house and pulled my bike up to the garage once I got to my house. Parking the bike I head towards the front door. I stop when I hear yelling.

"Trey, please." Mom said, sounding upset. "Please stop, I can't take this anymore."

"You can't take it? You? I'm the one who lost everything! Nothing in this house is mine!" He cries, I can see him waving his arms around as he talks. Mom and dad haven't see me yet so they keep going.

"Yes there is! You need to stop!" Mom said.

"The only thing that belongs to me in this house is you, and you have made it pretty clear what you think of loyalty."

"Loyalty? You want to talk loyalty? I've stuck with you during all of your crap. You've cheated on me; you forced me to do things I didn't want to. Drinking and acting like a fool, hurting me!"

"That is all nothing compared what you did with my brother!"

"Would you just stop it I'm so tired of hearing about Landen." A loud smack causes me to jump back. Something crashes and shatters. I take a step away from the door.

"I told you not to ever say his name again you bitch!" Tears fall down my face; normally I would run in there and yell at Daddy for acting like this. He would stop acting like this when I was around. But today I don't want to listen to this, I can't deal with this. I run back down the driveway. Running away, I didn't care if I got in trouble. I didn't want to be here another second. I would stay at McKenzie's house as long as I could.

I wish Tristan was here.


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