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The Making of Twisted

Jason Andrews

(January 2013)



"Shut the fuck up, Ryan and just take it."

"Ja- Jason you're so fuck'n – Ahhh!" I slam into him again. God this guy had a nice tight ass, but his mouth… God he was too freaking vocal. I wanted him to shut up! He wasn't like Tristan… Tristan was everything that I had wanted. He wasn't speaking to me right now; it was his damn brother's fault; the damn fucker. He was trying to tear us apart. He was ruining everything that I worked so hard to accomplish. He had told me that he was going to get rid of me, make sure that Tristan stopped talking to me. It wasn't like he really cared about Tristan, least I didn't think he did. He was too possessive. I don't know why he cared so much; it was like he was obsessed with Tristan or something.

Like this fucker here was obsessed with my cock, Ryan Sartorius was a fucking little bitch. He didn't want anyone else to know it though, he was real discreet. I think that was the only reason I started this with him, other than he was a good cock sucker and with his ass. He liked to play like he was this bad ass player who got all the girls, when really he wanted what all the girls wanted from him, cock. The school year had started out boring as fuck since Tristan was gone. Living with his new family, he hardly talked to me anymore. We were so close! I almost thought that something was going to happen between us, but his stupid brother…..

It wasn't Tristan's brother that was to blame though for all of it, Tristan had some new friends now. He and Spring hung out more now. Spring didn't talk to me much anymore either, and with both of my real friends out of the picture I was stuck with Tyler and all our party friends.

The party was where Ryan approached me, he was slightly wasted. His eyes were huge and his expression was serious, sweat dripped down his forehead. At the time I thought that it was due to it being so hot in here, which it was I had taken off my collared shirt my mother had insisted that I wear, all I had now was my white undershirt.

"Andrews," he says in his typical casual style. Tristan and Spring were not fans of his. He was always too much of a douche for them to like. He even tried to go by the name T-dawg. It was fucking hilarious. No wonder Tristan and Spring hated him. I could relate, I thought he was an ass-wipe. He thought he was bigger than what he was. He once tried to pick a fight with one of the biggest guy on the football team. It didn't end to his liking is all that I will say.

"What do you want dirtbag?

"I need to talk to you, privately."

"What about I don't got time for this," I had said.

"Where do you have to go, man? It's not like your bitches are here anyway." He whines, pushing his hands in his pocket.

"And by bitches you mean?"

"Your little dweeb friend and that fat girl, Andrews." He smirks up at me. I sit my red cup down and look down at him. I loved looking down on little underlings like this jerk. I could easily squash him. He knew better than to talk to me like this, I guess he had some liquid courage.

"You better choose your next words carefully."

"Got a sensitive spot for the little dweeb of yours? What was he? Your bitch?" My casual stance stiffens. Damn this bitch.

"Okay little boy, you got my attention." I say grabbing him by the shirt. "Let's talk somewhere else." I wasn't about to do this out here, I didn't want to be seen talking to him, especially about Tristan. Thinking back on this now, if I knew what was going to happen I would not have done what I did. I didn't want someone else, I had wanted Tristan. I had stopped sleeping around staying totally committed to Tristan. It wasn't easy for me to do, it was difficult. My right hand became my best friend again, but I was totally okay with it if I could somehow have Tristan. He was my best friend; I wanted him as my boyfriend maybe eventually maybe something more. Anytime I thought that we were moving forward in what I was hoping was a relationship he would take five steps back, and with his brother always in the way. Distracting him, getting in my way…

How was I supposed to keep Tristan for myself when his brother wouldn't let me? I throw him in the nearest darkened open door and walk in after him. I shut the door behind me; I turn on the light and lock the door. I turn around to find us in the bathroom. Ryan was on his back trying to stand back up. "Now that you've got my attention, you something to say?"

"I'm sorry, okay. God, you're such an ass."

"Well you are what you fuck so. I guess I am."

"So you admit you had a thing with your bitch boy." I grab his hair and pull him up the rest of the way. One thing I noticed about my personality when I wasn't having sex on a regular basis: I became angry just as quick as you flip a switch for a light.

"I've never had sex with Tristan you fucker."

"Ooh, someone is touchy on the subject. I bet you wanted to tap that ass." Despite myself I could feel my hard-on crushed against the resistance of my jeans. Just thinking of Tristan brought that on…

"Shut the fuck up you asshole."

"What? Did someone else get in the way; did someone get to him first? While you were playing the friend card someone else jumped his bones."

"Shut up you fucker!" I push him away from me and walk towards the door, a small tug on my pant legs and my jeans come down. "What the fuc-"

"Let me suck your cock," he says. My member jumps in my pants, god I needed something so bad besides my hand. It was driving me crazy; it was all I thought about. It was hard . (No pun intended.)

"What?" I was dumbfounded, here I was my pants around my ankles with the guy begging for my cock.

"I need it, god I want it." He pleads, grabbing the front of his jeans pulling on the zipper unbuttoning his pants. He grabs inside his pants, fuck he has a hard-on!

"Dude, no. I'm not into tha-." He pulls my boxers down and opens his mouth and my cock practically falls into him mouth. "Oh shit." It's been a while since I've had some nice head; I had stopped trying after Tristan realized that he was gay. I was trying to get with Tristan, I didn't want anyone else. I didn't know that I needed this. Ryan licked the head of my cock covering it in his spit. He pops it out of his mouth and then goes right back down on it, I've had blowjobs many times but I've never felt so close to cumming so quickly.

"Oh god it taste so good, why didn't I do this sooner?" He says going back down on my cock, I shiver and fall against the door.

"Oh god, you need to stop." I say, I don't want this. I can't do this if I want Tristan…. But it feels so…


"Ohhhh, fuck." Good, it feels so good. My a shiver goes up my spine.

"You like that do you?"

"Stop." I say, but we both know that I really don't want him to stop.

"Not till I get your cum." I push him off of my cock, he tries to reclaim it in his mouth but I hold back. As nice as it is to have his mouth on me, I'd rather have something else. My cock jerks at the thought. If he wanted to have my cock, he'll take it the way I wanted it.

"If I'm going to cum, it'll be in your ass." His dazed eyes widen a fraction as if confused.


"Drop the pants, now."

"But I-I I've never." He stutters, but I don't have a care about his need… I need to cum right now, and it needs to happen in the next few minutes.

"Now you bitch." He seems to like it when I call him names and degrade him; he's easy to comply when I do. He pulls down his pants and boxers and stands there; his average size cock oozing precum. "So that's what all the sluts want huh? It's not that big, it's kind of ugly." I comment, degrading his manhood. This isn't how I would be with Tristan; it wasn't at all how I pictured my first time with a guy. Hell, I've been thinking about it since I saw gay porn on the computer by accidently clicking on the wrong video. Since then I wanted to try those things with Tristan.

He didn't want me to though.

"Dude, please."

"Get on your knees, face the tub." He does as I say with little whimpers, sticking his ass up towards me.

"Please… Be gentle…."

"You've lost that chance when you were talking shit. Now, let's try this." I say, hoping that it scares him a little; I'm so new to this I hope I do this right. I line up my cock to his hole. It's slightly hairy, somewhat of a turnoff but I'm the man here. He's the one bending over letting me fuck him. I push the head into the hole thinking as I sink in: if this was Tristan that it would be better, beautiful. I would make sure that Tristan was ready, make sure that it didn't hurt, that I had lube to use. I could make love to Tristan, but with Ryan here…. I could fuck him like the little cunt that he was. Rough, raw sex.


"Fuck, man! Pull it out! Please." He begs trying to get up but I push him back down, I'm too far gone to care anymore.

"Shut up fucker, and get used to it, you should've thought about that before you tried to suck me off!"

"I can't do this please Jason, I can't." It's the first time that he's used my name. I feel slightly guilty for taking it this far, but my body seems to be acting on its own. I need this release.

"Oh god…" I push it in a little farther; Ryan stops fighting me and moans as the rest of length slowly enters.

"Ohh, god."

"Shut the fuck up." I'm already so close; his ass is so tight that I think I'm going to explode any second. Honestly I'm surprised that I haven't.

"So….full…oh…man….Ohhhh." He moans as I pull out and slowly enter him again. It takes me a while but I eventually get a rhythm going, pounding into him as hard as I can. I pull him up by his shirt ripping it a little more. He yelps as I bite down on his neck. Not too hard, but hard enough to leave a mark.

"No…no marks…My girlfriend." He breathes out.

"Fuck your girlfriend," I say as I push back into him.

"So big….Ahh, you're tearing me in half…" He turns his head towards me, he looks expectantly at my lips, I don't dare kiss him. If he wants to kiss me he can do it. I'm not surprised that he moves in pushing his lips on mine, straining his neck as he does. He pulls away and smiles.

"I bet Tristan's ass is tighter than mine."

"Fuck!" I see white in my vision, and I'm shooting I can't pull out even I wanted to. It's too late for that, I've already fucked him.


I pull on my shirt and look away as Ryan pulls on his, fuck I feel guilty. I don't know how to tell Tristan what I've been doing here with Ryan. It's a new low even for me, but Ryan is always so willing to let me fuck him. Sex has never been better, I love how he likes it rough. I wonder if I could make love with someone and actually like it still, like what I want to do with Tristan…

Fuck why won't he talk to me? I don't know what I did.

"That was great, can I come over tonight? I like when you fuck me in the hot tub."

"I… I don't man, I don't really feel well."

"Are you alright?" Was that concern in his tone? I almost laugh.

"Yeah, I'm fine nothing to worry about." He walks over to me, his pants still unbuttoned.

"Do you want me to make you feel better?" He says grabbing my crotch, I smirk down at him.

"It's not something that can be fixed with a blowjob or sex."

"Oh," he says sounding slightly disappointed.

"Yeah," I say grabbing the door knob.

"Is it Tristan? I thought you were over him." The irritation in his voice makes me turn around. He's buttoning up his pants as he stares up at me.

"I wanted a relationship with him. Feelings like that don't go away that easily."

"We've been fucking for months in all the bathrooms, the locker room and your house almost every day since the first time! How the fuck are you still into him! I'm here!"

"Sounds like you're jealous." He looks away, his face darkens.

"Why would I be jealous?" He says his voice rising as he says "jealous."

"I don't know because you like me?" That sets him off quickly; I could almost see steam coming out of his head.

"I – I don't. Fuck you man!"

"You already did," I smirk at him.

"I'll fuck'n kill you man."

"Whatever, you know you'll be trying to come over later to suck my dick even though I'm not really into it today."

"Shut the fuck up," he says. He tries to get past me but I stop him.

"Don't forget who's in charge in this, besides." I say opening the door to exit the room. It was nice that no one ever used this part of the building; it comes in handy when Ryan and I are fucking like rabbits. Ryan's loud moaning would cause a huge disturbance otherwise. "You're just my replacement, until I can have the real thing." I say, slamming the door shut behind me. I head back in the direction of my locker; Tristan's smiling face flashes through my mind. I hope if we ever do get together that I can tell him this and he won't be angry. I hope he understands.

Yes he'll understand, Tristan isn't a judgmental person. He knows how I am about sex; I almost ruined things with him before when I gave him that blowjob before he was ready. He will understand, I mean his whole family turned against him and who was there for him?

Me. That's who was there for him, not his dad not his brother, me.

Tristan would understand completely. At least that's what I told myself as I headed to class.


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