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The Making of Twisted

Brenda Wellings

(July 2012)


Staring out the window in the kitchen; my kitchen, I felt a little glum. It had nothing to do with the gray clouded sky either. This would probably be the last time that I'd have my family under one roof before that boy came to live with us. If only my perverted husband had just kept control of himself… I squeeze the coffee cup in my hand. A familiar hand lands on my shoulder.

"Mom, are you okay?" Leah asks, I look down at her. She looks a lot like I did when I was her age, just a skinner version. Sometimes I wish I could be skinny, but I took after my mother.

"I'm fine," I say. I tried not to show too much emotion on the subject around Leah and Claire. It was hard though, I've cried many nights since the picnic. I didn't, no; I couldn't believe how Landen had betrayed me. I had always loved him, even way back before he noticed me. "I'm just thinking."

"I can't believe dad expects us to let him live with us," Leah says guessing what I was thinking on. It wasn't like we had much else really that we all talked about now. Leah's school drama would have been a welcome topic. Too bad it was the summer. "Dad is clearly not thinking, not that he does much anyway." I choose to ignore the comment; I don't want to talk about that boy tonight.

"Are you almost ready? We need to get going soon." I ask, Leah frowns releasing my shoulder.

"Not yet, I'll go finish."

"Alright." I say taking a sip of my coffee. We girls were going to my parents' house down in the country. I was looking forward to getting away from the house, even though when we came back he would be here.

Stop it Brenda, he's your nephew. You can't hate him like this.

Oh but I did, I held such hatred for him. I couldn't even speak his name. Just the thought of his mother….

I didn't want to go there; if I did I would ruin my whole day. It was slightly funny I guess. When we had been younger, I had been jealous of her too. She was always the right size, her eyes and hair was beautiful. All the boys seemed to make it a competition to see how long they could hold her attention! Even my perfect Landen had eyes for her, and he was mine!

I had wanted him!

I had won him!

It made me so green with envy that when she would sit in front of me at church I would pull strands of her hair. Mind you; we were young at the time. I knew better than to pull her hair, I was raised better than that. I just couldn't help it. It seemed like a miracle that eventually Trey also fell for Christina and that she had eyes for him. It was then that I found my opportunity to win over Landen. After that it was like Landen was determined to get over her. I had been a fool to believe that he actually moved on. The feelings that he had for her at the time just hid until she showed interest in him.

I had never been one for sex to be a daily thing, I considered it my wifely duty to Landen; and honestly I didn't enjoy it. This slightly worried me because he seemed so content after we would lie in bed, cuddling together after we would have sex. I had asked my mom about it, she had said she was the same way and that I probably got it from her. Most women didn't enjoy sex she said.

"Men usually are the only ones who get anything out of it." She laughed.


"But you have to; it's your duty as his wife." She had reminded me.

"I know mother."

"Besides, don't you want children? I want grandbabies at some point. Don't you want to make me a grandmother? You would deny your mother of that?"

"I wouldn't do that. I'm trying mother." I winced.

"Well you need to try harder; I don't want you to stop until you're pregnant." And so I did, honestly I don't think I seen Landen that pleased with me; at least sexually from the time of my phone call with my mom up until I found out I was pregnant with Cody. It wasn't in my character, Landen even commented on it. Since then it's been a dry spell in the bedroom and I really didn't care. Marriage was so much more to me than sex, I loved Landen. Wasn't that enough?

Apparently not if he slept with that slut.

I sit my coffee cup down; afraid if I hold it much longer it might end up shattered on the floor. I was an adult, and I had to act like one. Apparently doing that wasn't too popular these days.


(July 20th, 1994)

Usually I liked weddings, the flowers the bride and groom. Which I should be happy, because it was my brother-in-law's wedding. He was finally marrying Chrissie, someone who I dealt with, but wasn't too keen on her. Mostly because how Landen had liked her before we started dating and married. It took him a lot longer to commit than it did Landen. Trey seemed to want to be more wild and free than he was allowed. I guess Chrissie was the best person to keep him grounded, she wasn't very talkative. I barely heard her when she spoke her vows and all that.

"Intreat me not to leave thee..." Chrissie and Trey had repeated and so on.

That was one of my favorite quotes from the Bible. I remember looking into Landen's eyes as we repeated our vows after the preacher. That was the best day of my life, well one of them. I look down at my handsome little man, Cody was growing into such a little man he was going to be three next March. He was sitting and watching the wedding, which surprised everyone even myself. He really was a good boy. But if it didn't end soon I didn't know if he would last…

I mean he's only two.

"I now pronounce you husband and wife," my father-in-law says. "You may kiss the bride." Trey lifts Chrissie's vail over her head. He pulls her to him and their lips meet, I try my best not to frown. Applause follows also with a snarky comment from the best man.

"Okay that's enough," Landen and Trey's older brother Howard says causing the two to pull away from each other. The church fills with laughter and conversation. After the ceremony and a thousand and one pictures, a few with myself in them; Landen, Cody and I head to the reception which was being held at Chrissie's mom's house.

"That was a nice wedding don't you think?"

"Yeah it was nice." I agree, it was a nice wedding. It was just the bride that I didn't like. I wonder if Landen hadn't liked her if I would have a problem with her.


I don't know, I still might have. I mean she still had all the boys our age staring at her when we were both single. It makes me sick just thinking about it. She always had these stupid bows in her curled hair. The boys had a hay day when she had cut her hair and got a perm. Ugh, it was disgusting.

"Christina looked beautiful, Trey looked excited." Landen laughs. He hasn't even told me that I was beautiful today. I glare in his direction.

"I'm sure he was, it's his wedding day, I'm sure he's looking forward to tonight."

"I'm sure, but at the same time he's already done things like that countless times."

"I don't want to know that! That's gross."

"Sorry, it's the truth."

"It's fine."

"Do you think its Christina's first time?" He asks. Anger boils in my belly; I really want to lash out with him asking such stupid questions. Especially questions about her…

"I'd hope so, but to be honest I don't know. She seems too innocent to me."

"You think so? I always thought she was..." he stops, I almost ask him to finish his statement but I really would rather not hear it.


(February 1995)

"Hello is Landen still there?" I say in the phone, Landen hadn't been calling much lately when he was on break. I wasn't always home so this week I was hoping we could talk some. He used to call, but now he's always going to get himself lunch. Which I didn't mind, he needed to eat but I wish he at least would call.

"No he left for an early lunch." My shoulders drop.

"Oh, I was hoping to catch him." I say.

"Anything wrong Brenda?" His boss asks.

"No, just wanted to talk to Landen…"

"I'll tell him to call when he gets back."

"You don't have to do that."

"He shouldn't ignore his wife, I know he works hard for you and your kid but he shouldn't forget about you." I agreed with him, he promised again to have Landen called when he got back and I hung up. I felt on edge, everyday I've called this week he's not been there when I call. I felt like he was openly ignoring me. Was I doing something wrong? He hasn't bothered to have sex with me, though at first I viewed as a blessing but now I was starting to get worried.

Landen wouldn't cheat on me would he?

And if he was who was it with?

My first thought was Christina, I shake my head. Landen wouldn't do that, he loves me. He wouldn't do anything to ruin our marriage. Landen was a preacher and a big believer in God and everything right. He wouldn't ruin his reputation for a little side fun…

Was I not offering myself as much? I probably should offer myself more.

I could tonight! I'll get mom to watch Cody and I'll set up a little scene for Landen to see when he gets home! I'm in the middle of putting candles up so I'm ready to light them when I need to, when the phone rings.


"Hey honey, I'm sorry I missed your call." Landen says into the receiver, I smile. He did call back, good.

"Oh it's okay, did you enjoy your lunch." I ask.

"..Yeah, it was nice." He doesn't elaborate on it, I feel that the conversation is strained but I don't know what to do to stop it. I don't feel like he wants to talk to me. I shouldn't feel that way, Landen has always took care of me and proved his love to me.

"Okay good, so what time are you going to be home tonight?" Hopefully he'll be home in the next few hours. He sighs after a long pause.

"I. I don't know. It might be a late night." My heart sinks.

"But I was hoping we could have a romantic evening." I admit, I probably shouldn't have told him. It wasn't a surprise now.



"…Maybe sometime this weekend?" He offers as a solution.


"Well I better get back in there, I love you."

"Love you too." After hanging up I start packing all the candles back away and start making dinner for myself. It was going to be a lonely night.


(July 2012)

I shouldn't have been so blind; it wasn't like it was hard to figure out that Landen was cheating on me. I guess I just thought better of my husband. I didn't know that he would stoop this low and defile his body when he told me that he had saved himself for marriage. I couldn't believe any of this, I wanted to cry; I wanted to scream. I wanted to ask why, but I knew why. He still had feelings for … that thing. That was the only way that I could explain it.

Landen had never wanted me, he had wanted her. I was the replacement, I was the replacement. I slam my hand down on the steering wheel.

"Damn you Christina! Damn you!" I scream, at the road. Bursting into tears, if only I could just close my eyes…

Close my eyes and drive, end all of this now. But I couldn't do that, I still had my baby Claire to look after. After she turned eighteen she would be able to take care of herself, and if she wasn't able to than Leah or Cody would be able to help her. For now I had to accept that…

He was going to be living with us. I didn't have to speak to him; I didn't even have to look at him. I would ignore him. I couldn't… I just couldn't talk. If I did I might crack, and if I do I don't know if I'll be able to amend the damage...


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