The Last Word

Two people surround me; I'm stuck in between their thighs. Both presences are simultaneously suffocating and comforting. The cold ground presses into me as the clay lumps, breaking soil, and crushed grass forms my seat, and the cold tin of the farm forms my backrest. But these are insignificant discomforts as I stare up into the cloudless night. The yellow crescent of the moon has never seemed brighter, and the more I stare mesmerised, the more I realise ... I might have finally made the right choice. It's all come together, in a completely beautiful, freezing night. All the small choices, from answering yes to a throwaway enquiry and nodding my head in affirmation, to realising one of the largest decisions of my life, have all lead me towards this moment. To this night. To this clear, astounding sky.

We breathe into the darkness and talk about nothing. We mention how we feel, how we got here, how we chose this road. But, in the silence, we have agreed. We have found a perfect moment. A perfect moment in which I can't feel my toes or the tip of my nose - yet, it is still a quiet moment of perfection.

I turn to see his sparkling eyes, looking out towards the horizon; I see his dreams and future adventures. I can feel her thoughts as she looks towards the moon; I can hear her passion and zest for life that will guide her path. I look down into my lap, tensing and releasing my palms. Do they see my dreams? Hear my thoughts or feel my uncertainties? I smile. It really doesn't matter, as I've received a small measure from both of them, so have they received a small measure of me.

The hills fade into black, the small measure of light pollution cannot stand against the cold night. The stars shine and the yellow moon beams. And we're silent.