Chapter 1

Trash in Diamond City

The green haired young man grumbled as he dragged his feet towards the fridge. Taking note of each plate and dish out of order in the sink. It was evident that no one had washed them lately as he glanced over at the couch to see two idiots.

One was a woman with dark brown hair wearing a red jacket turning watching the television the other was a blue haired teen with a random bowl of cereal in one hand and a pen and paper in the other. With each bite, he wrote something down.

"I see, you two fools did not wash the dish,"

"Good job eagle eyes," the brown haired woman gave a snarky comment as the green haired man remained silent before opening the fridge door.

It was almost empty, besides some strange pink stuff in the corner that everyone was too scared to touch or clean. There was some half drunk milk that most likely was expired. However, that wasn't what he was looking for.

"Where is it..." His eyes twitched for a moment as he quickly scanned all three shelves, looking through each over and over again. The kind of thing someone did when they want to find something they knew was lost forever.

"Flow, Beat, fools, did you eat the last piece of Emerald Pie!"

Both of them flinched as their names were called as the blue haired teen quickly shook his head.

"Of course not, do you know how much animal fat is in those pies? Beat is the one that probably ate it," the blue haired teen adjusted his blue hoodie as the woman glared at him.

"As if, that stuff taste like garbage, the very definition of rich people food," Beat tapped her lip for a moment. "You should ask Sync, maybe he ate it?"

"NEGATIVE," a voice from nowhere responded as the table that was in front of both Beat and Sync started to shift ever so slightly as a man crawled out from underneath. His hair was somewhat spiked as he wore a scarf around his mouth.

He wore a black tactical vest as continued to speak. "I DO NOT EAT TRASH,"

"Welp, there you have it Tempo, no one took your crappy pie," Beat shrugged as Tempo's eyes narrowed.

His red eyes continued to scan his three friends. One of them had to be lying, and he was going to figure it out sooner or later.

"What's the big deal anyway, can't you just buy another?" Flow pointed out as Tempo crossed his arms.

"I know you fools are rather slow, so I will say it as if I was speaking to children, we are out of money. We do not have any currency to spend. We are broke as some would say,"

"What, no way!" Flow got up, "we just did a job not too long ago..."

"Correction, we did a job two months ago?" Tempo said as Beat scratched her head.

"Well shit, you're the leader shouldn't you be finding us jobs?" Beat pointed out.

"Perhaps, but perhaps you should pick up after yourselves and wash dishes. I also should have you know that I Tempo do rather important things out of the limelight,"


"Shut up, regardless we are stuck until we get a job," Tempo grumbled, however almost as if the universe was taking pity on them, their phone ring. Tempo quickly raced towards the phone picking it up as if it was a bar of gold.

"Tempo and company inc."

"Bastard, that's not our name!" Beat shouted from the background as Tempo coughed.

The voice from the phone spoke, "Uh, this is the Flyers no?"

"We are the Flyers, yes,"

"Good, um well you see I have a job for all of you. Just a small extermination gig, we can discuss you payment once you get here. I'll be at the Bronze Science and Research Facility," before Tempo could respond the phone clicked.

"Well, that certainly wasn't cryptic..." Tempo frowned as he turned to his friends, "you fools, we have a job. Get your stuff ready. I'll be in the Speed Machine," Tempo walked away as Flow scratched his head.

"Aw man I was expecting to have today completely free, animal channel was having a whole documentary about dolphins,"

"Just read that garbage online, let's just hurry up before our leader starts complaining again,"

After they got dressed in appropriate attire, they slowly walked out of their tiny cramped apartment and out into the parking lot. Tempo was standing in front of a green vehicle with wings attached to the sides.

"Man, this thing gets dumber every time I look at it," Beat smiled as Tempo groaned.

"Just get in the car," He frowned before lifting his finger, "Oh and don't you even think about putting your feet on the cushions,"

Beat and Flow rolled their eyes as the jumped into the four passenger Tempo car. Tempo turned the key as they pulled out of their apartment driveway and onto the streets of Diamond City.

It was only a short trip as they turned the corner onto Metal Street as Tempo slowed to a halt in front of the large research facility.

It was at least two floors tall with blue and white paint splashed all over it. Its mark was a golden bird on a flag as they all got out of the car, their noses twitched for a moment before Flow gagged.

"W-what is that smell,"


"Ugh is this?" Beat frowned as Tempo's body started to convulse. It seemed like he was about to throw up.

"L-lets," he swallowed harshly, "simply ignore the smell, we have a job to do, and we must conduct ourselves as professionals!

The four walked up to the front door of the building as Tempo pressed his hand against it, it was somewhat slimy as they finally opened it leading into the lobby.

No one was around, and the stench was unbearable, the lights were dimmed, and there was purple ooze coming from every door going deeper into the building.

"Hey, is anyone here?!" Beat shouted as a sound from a nearby chair started to shake as before someone crawled from out of it.

It was a woman that appeared to be in her twenties, she wore a lab coat and had long black hair. She adjusted her glasses ever so slightly, "so are you guys the Flyers?"

"I prefer Tempo and Company, but yes," Tempo responded as the woman took a deep breath before gagging.

"T-thank goodness, I thought we were doomed for sure!"

"What happened here?" Tempo asked as the woman sat down, her gaze slowly shifting to the doors and the odd primordial liquid coming from them.

"It was all due to a research experiment gone wrong," she sighed she placed her hands on her cheeks. "The Trash Animation Experiment was supposed to benefit humanity; now it might doom the entire city!"

"Trash Animation Experiment? What's that?" Flow asked as the woman crossed her legs.

"Have any of you wondered what it would be like if garbage were alive, your empty bottles, your half-chewed food, you broken dishes?"

"No..." Beat replied.

"Well, fuck you, we did it. And it was incredible, the trash would throw itself away, we thought about spreading it to the rest of the city...however something happened, the trash, it started to consume the researchers and guards. I'm the only one who managed to make it out,"

"I do wonder how living trash would benefit humanity as a whole. However, I am not paid to ask such questions," Tempo's eyes narrowed, "now how do we take care of this?"

"Well, the trash creatures have a hive mind. The heart is located in the center of the facility, if you somehow manage to make it to the heart and destroy it then this whole thing should stop," the woman pointed out as Flow smiled.

"If it makes you feel any better, you pretty much made a new species of animal and animals are cool..."

"Gee thanks," she then scanned the four, "um you four do not have any weapons...are you sure you can do this,"

Tempo merely scoffed, "I suppose an average person such as yourself would think that simply by looking at us, however, we have advanced far above normal humans. We who control the elements, we..."

It seemed that Tempo was about to go on a long winded speech as Beat coughed as the green haired teen sighed.

"I suppose you would be quicker, behold!" Tempo snapped his finger as a sword appeared in his hand. The hilt bronze and the blade steel. Wrapped around it was an unending hurricane of the wind, "I control the wind,"

Beat cracked her knuckles as fire appeared on each one of her fingertips. "I tame the flames,"

Flow clapped his hands as liquid formed a line between his hand before molding into a spear. It then froze, it's point dripping with water, "and, cruise the waves...yeah let's go with that!"

Sync then crossed his arms as two daggers appeared in his hand.

"Let me guess; you control earth..." The scientist crossed her arms.


"I'm pretty sure Ninja isn't on the elemental table..."


"That's enough, now unlock the doors, we shall take care of the rest, Tempo smiled as the woman shrugged. She removed what appeared to be some remote from her coat pocket as she pressed the central button.

"I unlocked the door leading to the center of the facility, but that's it. All the other doors will remain locked, I can't risk having this thing spread, I'll um...wait here, don't want to get in the way..." she laughed nervously before going back to her hiding spot.

The four sighed as they walked to the central door. Tempo pressed the button as the automatic door struggled to open. "Tch, 2078, you would think that a research facility would have updated their doors by now..."

The door slowly opened, as a wave of sludge as high as their ankles poured out.

"Ugh, it's as if I stepped in Flow's mix-tape," Beat covered her mouth.

Flow simply stared at the brown haired woman, "really, got to go there huh?"

"Hmm, this is rather disgusting, as your leader I recommend all of you to lay on top of the trash and create a bridge for me to walk across,"

" fuck you," Beat was blunt as she looked at the garbage, "it does look like it is stable enough for us to at least walk in without sinking too bad..." Beat said as each of them took a step onto the trash. The hallway was filled with it as they traveled slowly through the facility.

"...You know, thinking about it, it's wrong for us to do this. I mean they are living things, pretty much animals," Flow said as Beat crossed her arms.

"What about all the people they supposedly have eaten?"

"Oh come on Beat, people aren't animals!" Flow said with a huge grin on his face as the trash underneath of them started to shift.

"huh?" Flow tilted his head as a hand-like a shape came bursting out of the ground it slowly morphed into a moss like a figure. No eyes, everything about it was just garbage; it had a gaping mouth as they all looked upon in horror.

Flow coughed slightly before forcing a smile.

"Why hello trash creature, how do you do?" Flow smiled as the creature faced their direction, its body started to shake, without warning it spewed a stream of garbage. Or rather more like a beam of garbage...a garbage beam.

Beat eyes widen as she stepped in front of Flow, her hands raised as flames appeared. It burned away the stream of garbage as Tempo took a single step before swiping his blade. At that moment the creature was cut in two.

"Fool do not try t-" Tempo couldn't finish his statement, the smell of burning garbage filled his nose as he held back his gag reflex.

This was honestly one of the worst jobs they had ever taken. Which was saying quite a bit.

"I guess communication is impossible, oh well..." Flow shrugged as Beat frowned.

"I just hope we don't see any more of those; I don't think I can take the smell..."

They traveled deeper into the facility; doors would open, but they would never close. The garbage would overflow each time they opened another door, causing them to lock in place. They finally reached a rather large oval shaped room with a giant glass container in the center of it.

It looked like a giant heart made of glass surrounded by a sea of garbage and filth. A faint heartbeat echoed through the room as Beat shivered.

" the hell was this supposed to benefit mankind?!"

"Hmm, it appears they were so interested if they could, they forgot to wonder if they should, regardless. This was easier than I thought," Tempo smiled as he took another step forward. However, the moment he did the ground beneath them started to shake

An army of trash monsters slowly started to rise from the garbage underneath them as Tempo grumbled clutching his blade. "Tch, clear a path to the heart!"

They all nodded as Sync pulled out six kunai from his vest pockets and tossed them at the beast. Each one perfectly implanted themselves into the heads of the creatures before exploding.

Flow then crushed his ice spear as it turned into small frosty needles. He then fired at the creatures as they pierced the trash monsters body and freezing them in places.

Tempo quickly made is way to the center of the room slicing through the creatures with ease. He stopped as he noticed the trash beneath him grabbing his foot. "Perfect..." Tempo frowned as he stabbed the floor.

"Oy, Tempo, don't move!" Beat shouted as she dug her hand into the trash. She shivered as she felt something wet, but ignored it as she slowly started to heat the garbage beneath them.

Tempo felt the floor beneath him starting to shift ever so slightly as he smiled. He realized what Beat was about to do as he clutched his sword.

The chunk of trash he was stuck to was launched like a bottle cap towards the beating heart. His eyes narrowed, with a single swipe of his sword he cut through the glass surrounding the organ and straight through the heart.

The pile fell apart as Tempo felt whatever was grabbing him let go. An odd screaming noise was heard as all the trash creatures slowly fell apart.

They all sighed in relief, however their victory was short lived as they felt the trash pile starting to move again. Suddenly through all the cracks, opening and windows leading to the room garbage started to pour in, quickly surrounding the heart.

The room was filling quickly as Tempo quickly ran towards the rest of the group. "Beat, now!"

She nodded as she made a small orb of fire around them. The trash pressing against the orb as it pushing it against the metal wall.

However for some odd reason, the metal started to melt before the trash as the were ejected out of the room, being flung all the way back to the main room of the building.

The orb struck another wall as they all scattered about, they were all in the lobby again.

The entire building was shaking as stone and pipes came falling out of the ceiling. The roof started to cave in as the scientist from earlier quickly crawled out of her hiding spot.

"W-what did you guys do?!" She was holding on to anything she could as the dark dank building slowly started to light up. However, it was natural light. The ceiling of the building had been completely removed as a bright blue sky shined down on them.

They still looked on in horror, up in the heavens. It was as if a skyscraper was planted in the building eclipsing the sun. It was a giant man made out of trash, a trash-man some would call.

"...How the fuck was this supposed to help humanity again?!" Beat had to repeat that as Flow pulled on his hair.

"H-how are we supposed to stop that unless we have some giant robots to stop it, what are we meant to do?!"

Sync only closed his eyes and held his chin; he then looked at his friend. His gaze stern, he had the perfect plan.


"Idiot, those guys can't help us now!" Beat stated as the scientist fell to her knees.

"T-this wasn't supposed to happen, n-now because of me the entire world will be covered in garbage worse than an online mixtape!" Tears started to roll down her eyes as Tempo remained silent he scanned the beast for any weak spot as he noticed something odd on its head. He had a plan.

"Beat, Flow, you stay on ground level and try to halt its movement as much as you can, Sync you will come with me and scale this monster,"

Flow eye twitched, "w-wait, how are we supposed to do that?"

"You two are smart, figure it out," Tempo replied as he and Sync nodded to one another before running towards the monster leaving Beat, Flow, and the scientist to figure everything out.

Flow tapped his lip as the creature took its first step, causing what was left of the building to crumble. Flow then snapped his fingers before looking over to Beat.

"I have an idea, but I need you to make some lava around its legs, I'll be right back!" Flow then grabbed the scientist and ran out of building.

"Idiot," Beat cracked her knuckles as she took a deep breath. She touched the ground; the floor was made out of stone rather than metal as she sighed with relief. "This shouldn't be too hard," she dug her feet into the floor making a line.

She slowly walked near the entrance of the building. She placed her hand on the floor as it slowly started to melt, turning it into molten stone. The stone slowly molded around the legs of the trash monster as the creature began to move again.

"D-damn, if there was only a way I could cool it down quickly..."

At that moment, as if the universe had perfect timing Beat noticed a giant shadow looming over her, and it wasn't the monster.

She then turned around only to see a giant tidal wave coming towards her. And who else could have been riding it but Flow.

"Oy Beat, get out of the way!"

He said that as if she could, Beat only froze as the wave took her as well as submerging the legs of the monster into a pool of water.

The destroyed building was completely submerged as Wave hooked himself to the wall with ice as a section of the water started to bubble as Beat emerged.

"You bastard! You could have warned me!"

"Sorry, I had to take that lady away from here, and we were near the pier. I couldn't miss my chance," Wave stated as he noticed the creature trying to struggle to move.

"I guess we have to leave the rest to Sync and Tempo..."

Tempo winced as he clung to the side of the pile heap, Sync right next to him. They were only halfway up the side of the creature as Tempo grumbled.

He was going to have to fly the rest of the way, despite the amount of energy it would take as he looked over to Sync.

"Sync, get on my back!" They were about the same height so that it wouldn't be too much of a problem.



"Shut up and just do it..." Sync jumped onto Tempo's back as Tempo let got of the creature as the wind slowly blew behind them, flinging them high into the sky as the landed on the creatures head. The moment they landed they heard a faint heartbeat. Tempo slowly started to shift the trash out of the way, it was just as he suspected, the heart was located in the head.

"Ready Sync?" Tempo asked as Sync nodded.

They both impaled the heart at the same time as the beating stopped, the movement of the giant halted as Tempo merely blinked.

"Huh, that was easier than I expe-"

A fountain of red liquid came spraying out like a sprinkler as it started to rain what one could only assume blood. The creature slowly began to crumble as Tempo couldn't help but scream.

Piece by piece the creature just fell apart. However, trash wasn't the only thing that was falling out, people and lab-coats and guard uniforms came popping out as they all fell plummeted into the water below.

A giant splash as the water instantly turned black from all the garbage everyone was dazed and confused the say the least as both Sync's and Tempo's head popped out, both holding back his urge to vomit.

Wave laughed as he pushed trash from off of his body, "I guess everyone in the facility is still alive, shame about the building itself, though,"

"This was just the worst," Beat stated, sitting on the floating pile of bile.

Tempo frowned as he looked at the trash heap, he knew it extended far out of the base of the were it was probably raining trash all over the street.

In the corner of his eyes, he noticed a familiar scientist clawing her way out of the filth.

"So about our payment!" Tempo shouted as the woman merely glared at the leader of the Flyers.

"Payment, you destroyed the facility, and showed the entire city what we did! You better be happy I'm not making you idiots pay me!"

Tempo eye twitched as he just collapsed back onto the pile of sludge. He didn't even have the energy to argue as Sync came floating by on what appeared to be a table with its legs sawed off.


"Just...just shut your mouth,"

Author note

This story was a weird one, mostly because it is supposed to be a oneshot. It will probably have more outlandish. Though I highly doubt anyone wants to read this considering I barely know what to call this.