Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

In the beginning, the World was cold and filled with mystery,
But despite his fear, man survived.
The curious sons of Earth emerged from the wild,
And with careful patience and singular cunning tamed it:
First, the volatile, consuming Fire, then, the fickle Earth,
And then, the mighty Rivers and endless Ocean,
The unending horizon that swallowed those
Who dared to venture beyond that indeterminate divide
That separated man and God.

When did man find beauty where he once sought only survival?

Without regard for the impossible,
The insolent sons of Earth sought dominion of the vast, endless Sky
And with engineered grace and crafted fragility created
A precise imitation of Nature's own design,
Slipped the bonds of gravity's chains,
And soared upon the breath of Earth's warm exhale,
Finding rapture among the gossamer clouds
Until he looked higher—to the black expanse of the indeterminate Galaxy—
And yearned for more, saying,
Only among the stars will I be satisfied.

Why does he find beautiful that which he also fears?

Undeterred, man burned the sky—
The brazen sons of Earth charged into the black embrace of the Universe
And beheld a desolate landscape,
Infinite, incomprehensible, and untouched by man,
And in the face of his ignorance, his vulnerability
And the truth of his ephemeral, insignificant existence,
He believed it to be beautiful and claimed it for his own.

What does it say of us
That we must conquer the sublime
To become the masters of our fear?