When I think of you I think of summer
Strong supple fresh and new
Press against the firmness of your lips
Feel the strength in your hand
You are so solidly built a plan so well thought out
Being near you is my fleshed out truth

I am like the fall what was once supple and green
Now golden and flushed in shades of red
So full of anticipation and knowledge of what I like
Feel the smooth softness of my hand
I am built so curved divinely designed outside the lines

We are just clay ready for molding
Paint and canvas ready for eager fingers
Landscapes wanting to be seen
Unpretentious and complex in our melodic nuances

We are that Art
The turbulent unresting Need of Art
We are the outcome of Art
Museums want us we embody what captivates
Flesh and feelings into poetry
Visual auditory multi leveled Artistry

You are the Art
I am the Art
We are the Art
For all times