Her tongue slips from impatience
"Sorry!" she gasps, ignoring the salty taste of the word on her lips
She looks away for a split second
Regain your composure and remember your script

Take a breath to soothe your burning lungs
Oh, silly girl
You cannot feel the anger coursing through your veins
So go on and swallow the red hot rage
Ignore the pain as it falls in your stomach like acid rain

You cannot spit venom
They tell you
You cannot lash out
They convince you

No matter how many battle scars you bear
No matter how many swords clash against your shield
You must be stronger than the bitterness you feel
You must somehow prove you are entirely healed
So hide the turmoil inside your fragile skin

But you can see the storms brewing in your eyes
A terrifying combination of strong winds and bright lightning
A path of wreckage behind your swirling tornadoes
The rumble of the thunder heard in your silence

So, scream, my darling
Let that rogue wave crash on the ground before you
Shatter a plate against the wall
Release all that you've held on to for so long

Despite the words they yell in your ears
Words that feel like bullets
Words that bind you to the darkness
You have the right to feel hurt.

You do not owe apologies
Wipe the salt from your lips
And throw away your script