Later, he would be told that the car accident was like the planets aligning, a series of improbable events creating the exact circumstances required to alter his life forever. The fuel tank was nearly empty, more fumes than gasoline. The other car crashed into him at just the right spot and angle to damage the tank. One small spark ignited the fumes. After the initial impact, In-Su was aware enough to see the fire, but couldn't react in time. Fear flooded through him like never before. He was certain he would die. He was eighteen, just past the finish line of puberty. Most important of all, he was the one, out of a thousand humans, with a specific genetic mutation. The flames consumed him.

This was his inception. He looked at his hands and could see the fire that had engulfed his body.

It doesn't hurt, he thought. His black eyes scanned the burning seats. How am I alive?

In-Su looked out his window. A crowd had formed around the accident. People were screaming and crying. Some held cellphones out, recording video of the grisly sight before them.

With a painful shove, he opened the driver's side door of his car. In-Su stepped out, his blazing clothes falling off in ashy pieces.

The crowd watched in stunned silence.