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Oh, and here's the full summary: The world of Ileria both is full of animal-human mutant hybrids, but they have no rights and are treated as lower-class citizens, being used as slaves and gladiators for the human's amusement. This form of oppression, or "Lessership" as the mutants call it, is enforced and upheld by King Oren's organization of humans known as "The Supremacy". But luckily, there is hope. It comes in the form of three mutant organizations: MATE, KIN, and the newly formed FERAL. Who will win and what will become of Illeria?

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"Tsk, tsk, will they ever learn?"

Sharp eyes languidly read the parchment with amusement before flicking up towards the messenger. A smirk slowly stretched across the figure's face as they take note of new information recently delivered.

"Honestly, this has been going on for decades!" they continue, "Yet, they're able to get away with this!" Laughter soon resounded throughout the room. The subordinate shuffled nervously.

The figure calms as they observe their aide. The air in the room shifted. "...oh my, I do believe it's time. We will not get a chance like this again. Begin the preparations."

"W-Wait... you don't mean-?"

"Oh, but I do~ darling." The figure examines their nails with interest. "All of the pieces are falling into place. Hell, these idiots are practically doing the work for us and they don't even know it!"

The subordinate looks at the figure expectantly. "Of course. We will begin immediately. But..."

"But? What is it?" the figure frowned.

"Are you certain that this is the right time?"

The figure gives their companion a blank look before smiling softly. "I am certain, darling. As I said, this may be our only opportunity. Do you trust me?"


"Do. You. Trust me?"

There is silence.




"With my life," the subordinate responded resolutely.

Pleased, the figure placed a hand on their companion's shoulder. "Good."

"General Hart! Sir, we've received report back from-oh..." Standing under the doorway to Emmanuel Hart's office, a female assistant halts her stride as she is taken back by mild surprise. Quickly recovering, she hurried inside and stopped in front of his desk. "Afternoon, Ms. Turner. I apologize for the intrusion but I was told to deliver this message to the General...I can come back, if need be."

Rumors were quite common and gossip was the norm amongst low ranking Supremacy members. With their main jobs being glorified secretaries, the workplace tends to become dull. Gossip is simply a means to entertain themselves. The most intriguing being that of the relation between the General and Charlotte Turner. It was no secret that the young girl had affection towards him. 'She practically yells the fact at the damn sky,' the assistant thinks bitterly as she adjusted her glasses. But the real question is that did Blanc share those feelings? 'Especially for a child nonetheless. Honestly, why is she even here anyway? Isn't it past her bedtime?'

The assistant attempted to quell her aggravated thoughts by pretending to read over the report once again.

Charlotte Turner, apparent child by the assistants thoughts, looked to be 16 years old, and was wearing a grey tank top that revealed her well toned abs, and was also wearing an oversized black trunk boldly low-riding just above her thighs exposing her provocative undergarment. This gives the wrong impression, as despite this, her body is slim, tall and child-like despite her revealing clothes. At her side currently was a bronze sword, and floating around her were two orbs of will-o-the-wisp.

And right now, it seemed the assistant had caught her attention.


Charlotte snatched the report out of the assistant's hands with her own deathly pale one. She did it with such sass that she bangs her hand on the furniture as she pulled it back, her teal-dyed ponytails bouncing as she did. Holding back the desire to cuss, she turned around to read it, her back to the assistant. "NOW BEAT IT, FOUR-EYES. I was sitting here waiting for him for the longest while he went dilly dallying to who knows what. It's almost as if he's trying to avoid me lately. Stupid jerk." She mumbled to herself as she reads, her ever present upset brow and beautiful violet eyes still there.

After few seconds, the report got tossed onto the table, followed by her feet.

She leaned back, looking at the ceiling. Doing nothing.

Not to long after, a tall man in his early twenties appeared at the entrance to his office, holding a chain of keys and few paperwork in his hands; on each key were carved humanoid symbols with an animal head, each distinct from others. But every single one had a theme of shackles and chains adorning the details. "Can't believe the damn mutant lost. I paid good money for it too."

The man had white hair the color of snow on a bright sunny day that wouldn't melt, pulled back behind his head. Two strands of his snow white hair on each side of his face that came just beneath his velvet eyes, framing his head in a way. Around his neck was scarf made of silver animal skin, akin to what a cult leader would wear, with a long white jacket with yellow rims around it.

As the man was about to enter, the door opened and the female assistant steps out, head down. She was clearly emotional.

He didn't even need to take a glance inside. "Get the hell out, Charlotte."

Few moments later, the wheeled chair containing the teenager gets pushed out the door, the girl screaming all the while.

As the screaming, sexually repressed girl was pushed out of the office, the man who did so walked over to the table Charlotte had used a foot stool, and looked down at the report she had snatched from the assistant's hands.

The report has the typical formalities written along with a single, blurry photograph. It told of a small Supremacy intel outpost near the western woodlands that had been infiltrated by 3 members of MATE. A majority of the information was taken and the outpost was, in essence, destroyed. Out of the 30 soldiers posted there, 6 had died during altercations. The supervisor assigned there made note that the remaining soldiers had been in pursuit of the mutants without their knowledge. He writes that their numbers would easily be able to overpower them and bring them in for questioning once he gives the word. It ends with signatures and a stamp.

The photo shows an unfocused image of the three infiltrators leaving the complex. One was donned in complete black, one had its wings spread out and the final had long white ears and appeared to be holding a duffle bag.

The man would get no time to think on this peacefully however, as the same girl he'd wheeled out had returned.

"YOU'LL REGRET THIS!" Charlotte seethed with anger. "I'm going to march off to the cells right now and murder every single one of your damn colosseum slaves if you don't listen to me right now!"

Silence. She pouted.


Holding back the tears of frustration, she marched off to do exactly what she said she would - to the dungeon.

'Maybe I should send few photographers out with them next time. How am I supposed to know with this much blur?' The man thought to himself.

The snow white haired man sighed as he lifted his hand off the doorknob and walked back to his table. As he scanned the photo again, he dusted off Charlotte's obnoxious footprints. His eyes were focused on the duffel bag.

"What could that be?" He said to himself. His focus went back to the three figures again. Despite the high pitched uproar outside the door he squinted with concentration, trying to recall mutants he encountered in the past with the animal traits present in the photo.

He shook his head. And infiltration for what?

At least now he knew they were looking for something. Maybe he could sit tight and lay some baits.

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