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Hundreds of miles to the west of the capital, where the usual social dynamics of the Supremacy played out, three figures walked through a forest side by side. Two looked distinctly male by their builds, and the other was obviously the female of the trio. Each of them had one very distinctive attribute however; Each of them had a body part of an animal.

The woman of the trio was obviously the youngest of them all, looked to be between the ages of 15 and 17 due to her youthful violet eyes and cute, doll like features. She was very obviously the shortest of the three, not counting her long, beautiful snow white rabbit ears that went along perfectly with her fluffy rabbit tail. Her cropped, beautiful snow white hair came down to her chin.

The second tallest of the trio, the one that gave off the vibe of a thief or criminal, looked to be the oldest, either 19 or 20, and had a bit of dirt in his appearance. He had short, spike black hair the shade of tar, royal blue eyes that looked like big pools of velvet that someone could dive into and fall asleep in if possible, and the general appearance of the kind of boy that a father would immediately kill for dating his daughter who is two years his junior. He also had grey cured raccoon ears and raccoon tail, the tail striped with black fur the same shade as his hair.

The tallest, and last, of the trio was also young, around 18 or 19, rounding out the group of teenagers. He gave off the appearance of the guy who felt he was far smarter than nearly everyone around him in a narcissistic way, his clean, straight dark brown framing his head and coming down just above his shoulders. If one were to look into his deep, dark brown chocolate swirls that were eyes, one would find themselves lost within them. Jutting out of his back were a pair of white feathered eagle wings, the shade of a white fluffy cloud.

Currently they were all wearing matching tight black suits, giving off the appearance that they were a strange version of the three musketeers. One that was far less effective, and more likely to die bickering over where to go for dinner.

The woman had a bag of some sort slung over her shoulder, files of some sort sticking out of it. The raccoon man also seemed to be lecturing the eagle man, who appeared to be tuning him out.

"...I suppose I can't help it if you're a newbie who doesn't know how to properly avoid detection..." The raccoon mutant ranted, relatively sure that the eagle mutant next to him wasn't paying much attention. Not that he blamed him. He'd probably ignore somebody who was scolding him too.

The three had just finished infiltrating a Supremacy base and stealing files containing shipping information of both the past and future. The initial infiltration went as planned with raccoon boy taking point and going into the facility. The bunny girl was assigned as the lookout in case there were any unforeseen occurrences. The eagle mutant meanwhile did his part in supporting the raccoon mutant, but had unintentionally set off an alarm in the process. They managed to escape due to the eagle mutant setting the facility ablaze, giving them time to flee whilst the soldiers were occupied with the fire.

Said eagle mutant was currently tuning his raccoon acquaintance out, not wanting to hear his passive aggressive scolding. Sure, he nearly got the man killed, and chances are he was going to get scolded by many other people when they all got back. But right now, he didn't care at all for it, as he'd prefer the raccoon boy glaring at him instead of this. At least then it would be quiet and the chances of people finding them would decrease. But, he wasn't going to tell him that. That'd just give him fuel to keep ranting.

"Umm..." The bunny girl attempted to divert the conversation away from the current topic. "That aside, the mission was successful. Err, the airship is only a few more miles ahead so we should be there soon..." Awkwardly trailing off, she adjusted her grip on the bag.

"Good. I can get out of this stuff and into something more comfortable" The raccoon mutant claimed, looking down at the tight black clothing he currently wore in place of his regular loose cargo pants and baggy dark blue hoodie.

"Well, at least we have that to look forward to. Let's just hope those soldiers haven't put out the fire by now and sent airships though." The eagle mutant commented. Chances were very high that the Supremacy had put the fire out by now, but there was always the small chance that they hadn't. In which case, they could get back home, get into their regular clothes, and relax.

The bunny girl looked behind her to see the trail of smoke continuously rising in the far distance. "I don't think they did," She said before continuing on ahead. A small red dot appeared on the bunny girls back before slowly moving upwards and stopped at the back of her head. "We better hurry though just in case."

The eagle mutant, seeing the dot on her head, quickly pulled her to the side. "Shira, move!"

"Aquilam, what-?!" Not a second later, a bullet embedded into the ground where Shira was previously standing. She gasped in shock. The red dot appeared again, this time focused on the raccoon boy.

"Damn cowards." Raccoon boy mumbled, ducking down just before the bullet flew over him "I knew they were following us but I thought they'd at least have the balls to confront us face-to-face."

"Razor, maybe joke about this after we're not in danger of being killed by a sniper!" Aquilam shouted as he pulled Shira behind a tree. Hopefully he wasn't using a high caliber rifle or bullet that could pierce a tree.

"Yeah, yeah, I know" Razor grumbled, throwing a knife behind him, it's trajectory changing only slightly so it was lined up with the direction that the bullet came from "Also I wasn't joking. I was trying to make it look like I wasn't on to them before." he grumbled "I've been watching my back for years. Do you really think I wouldn't know about a few amateurs following me?"

"I'm talking about you thinking they'd come fight us face to face like idiots. No one does that when they have a gun!" Aquilam berated him as he took the pistol out from its under arm holster. Leaning out from behind the tree, he quickly fired off two shots in the direction of the sniper. He'd deal with the fact Razor didn't tell them they were being followed later.

The gunfire stopped but the red dot was still visible. "Wait, shh! Do you hear that?" Shira whispered. The sounds of footsteps grew louder as a group of soldiers emerged and began to surround the trio. One by one, each soldier bearing the Supremacy insignia proudly trained their firearms towards the three.

"Well it's about damn time." Razor said, as if his life wasn't in imminent danger.

"Well, this is just great." Aquilam said with a sigh as they were surrounded. He had about 5 bullets left in his pistol from the amount he fired. It'd deal with a few of them, but hopefully they didn't decide to just execute them all hear. Chances of that were 50/50 though.

"Well," A masculine voice spoke from the legion. His uniform was slightly altered to give way to his higher ranking from the rest of the soldiers around him. He emitted an aura of confidence as he stood proudly before the mutants. "I'm quite surprised to find that we were infiltrated by mere children, but no matter. This mistake will quickly be rectified by your capture. Now then, behave and relieve yourselves from your weapons. Otherwise, your deaths will come much sooner."

"Well could you give us mere children a name before we do that?" Aquilam questioned the man who stepped forward as he dropped his pistol to the ground. This would be a problem, but with his power he'd be able to make those bullets basically useless against him for a short time. He didn't know what Razor or Shira would do though.

With a disinterested shrug, Razor meanwhile took out nine more kunai, dropped them all to the ground, and put his hands up. He saw no use in fighting when they were surrounded if there was still another way out.

A soldier kicked the back of Aquilam's knees, causing him to drop to the ground. The same was done to Shira and Razor before one took the bag away from her. Shira looked frantically at Aquilam as she raised her hands behind her head.

The man loomed over him and chuckled in amusement. "Captain Rowley. Remember it." He gestured to his men to restrain the mutants before turning on his heel. "The General will be most pleased with your capture."

"Hmmm, Rowley huh? I'll definitely remember that." Aquilam mumbled to himself. Despite the situation he was in, he did like that mans name. He'd have to think on it during the walk back to the Supremacy base.

It was then he noticed Shira looking at him frantically, to which he, as he seemed to have a habit of doing, attempted to calm her down. "It's alright, we'll be fine and back at home before tomorrow. I promise." He attempted to reassure her.

"Captain, eh?" Razor asked with mock fascination "Somebody's a big boy"

Taking out his gun, Rowley pistol whipped Razor before continuing forward. "Razor!" Shira cried out before being roughly jerked back by a soldier. She winced as she was forced to her feet and pushed forward. "Walk." the soldier commanded.

"Razor, I know this is gonna be hard for you, but could you keep your damn mouth shut?" Aquilam told him with irritation in his voice as he was pushed forward. Angry and annoyed soldiers were not going to be a good thing when a way out made itself known after all.

Razor grunted as he was hit to the ground, blood dripping from the fresh wound on his head. However, unbeknownst to the soldiers, he had used the opportunity to slide one of the knives he had dropped across the ground over towards a nearby tree while they were all focused on him. "Asshole" he mumbled, as he continued laying on the ground, groaning in only partially fake agony as he reached up to feel his head.

"Get up!" Another soldier grabbed Razor's arm and hoisted him to his feet. Shira abruptly jerked herself away and, in the blink of an eye, sped off, a light cloud of dust kicking up in her wake. The soldiers were distracted and attempted to shoot in her direction but were unsuccessful. Rowley commanded a small group to follow her.

She had used herself as a diversion.

Razor sighed and shook his head. 'She's causing more trouble for herself than she has to.'

As she sped away, the knife Razor had slid towards the tree glowed silver and suddenly floated up into the air, moving around the tree and out of the soldier's line of sight.

Suddenly, the red dot appears once more. It was positioned on Razor's chest.

"God damn it." Aquilam mumbled to himself. Knowing that he couldn't let him die, Aquilam tackled Razor out of the line of the sniper.

The red dot suddenly move to one of the soldiers. The sniper fired a shot at the soldiers holding Razor and Aquilam down, the one bullet going through both men's heads.

Then, all hell broke loose.

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