Smile Me Away

So, don't... You fall for me.
Save... Yourself from me.
Fall only before your reflection,
Mirrors are immune to regression.
Let me slip away, darling...
All the cracks that line your ceiling,
Are so... Much more deserving,
Of, your stare than I.

Certainly I've only indecision,
My only constant is confusion.
And I know nothing but that's okay,
Nobody does anyway.
No matter what they try to say,
We all know nothing.
But I've a feeling.
That I, need you today.

It was done... So suddenly.
You'll have to hate, yourself for me.
Cause I could never bring myself to,
Despise anything about you.
The time we had was special,
So I cannot be too spiteful.
I'm also, not that insightful.
Tell me, was I worth your while?

The only bright side is there's no surprises,
When you see through this worlds bad disguises.
Smile me away,
I'm not worthy of you, anyway!
Take your leave as I decay,
And keep on smilin'!
Leaving, me here screamin'.
Why, couldn't you have stayed.

Smile, me away.
Smile, me away...
Smile, me away!
Smile, me away!