She was real

I swear to you she was real

She was flesh and bone

She was a bleeding heart

She was a book stained in ink from a broken pen

She wore her scars

like soldiers wore armor to war

She was strong and prideful

She had a soul plagued by callouses

But she was real

I mean, she wasn't entirely sane

She was twisted from battle wounds

She was chaotic, in a good way

She had wild fires burning in her eyes

She had a hurricane in her mind

but she managed to be kind

How in the world she could laugh at times

when her being was being torn apart

is a mysterious miracle in itself

She was the middle finger and a foul word

Because she didn't believe in a magic-less world

Because even when you told her it was impossible

She did it anyway

She was love in all its pureness

She was the twinkling star in the distance

That was only a giant planet circling its own universe

She was as great as the great ones before her

She was anything but rehearsed

She was the kind of uniqueness

You can only read in books

because even though she couldn't fly

She believed she could

and that is what separated her from the rest

She was a window made of stained glass

'Cause when the light shone through her

She created colors we had never seen

Or could ever hope to replicate

She was the shoulder you needed

When the world brought you to your knees

And you could do nothing but let yourself cry

She was the right girl

in the wrong kind of place

Because all she ever knew how to do

was break the rules

In a place you had to ask permission to live

She was the cold breeze

On lonely December nights

She was the tree that fell in the middle of the woods

No one was around

But I promise you

She did make a sound

She was a storm you could see

But you could never comprehend

She was a beautiful melody

Always played on the wrong key

But she was real

I swear to you she was real

It was only a mistuned violin

Because even though she was broken

The cracks were sealed

She was unsinkable

But alas, she was only a ghost
A faded smile
You sort of remember
But can never place